Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A garden and planting seeds was the assignment?

Guess I went a little overboard! Another great class from Tam LaPORTE! This class was about complimentary colors, color value and monochromatic divisions! We also wanted to let some of the original collaged background come through in the finished piece. Everyone else did a garden and I started out with one but than kind of went berserk with silly stuff!
Aborigine feet

ant ear pet

Cow with wings that say:
    W elcome to my crazy dream. Here I'm an Aborigine queen, the cows have wings there are giant things like kangaroos and joeys too! Purple ponies & Polka Dotted coconuts , ant eaters eat up all the bug!
Baby giant Joey

me as an Aborigine Queen and polkadotted coconuts

My three sons and the kind in our house

Entire completed art

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yesterday when my son got off the bus...

he was so excited to tell me about how his little friend Chloe taught him a neat new way to draw 3D hair on people! My mind thinking you have a mom who is an artist and ya learned how to draw people hair on the bus through a ten yr old girl expert? WHA??????? Where did I go wrong!!!! Then I thought oh ya peers matter more soon! Maybe already, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my youngest is turning the page into almost a teenager.(well he will be eleven in April). Already having had apologized for the way he will be treating me soon. LOL!
So then I went to get the mail and Yippee , Jane Davenport's book about faces came! I decided to open the book and show my son Jane and I could easily top his little friend. He even agreed to sit down for a quick pencil sketch study! So we opened Jane's book and went to the first page that has step by step how to draw a face! My son and I had fun doing this side by side together the sketch journal he takes onto the bus to overcome extreme boredom! Afterward I added some quick colors to mine. He was mad I wrote "GIRLS RULE" on my page(mother of three boys needs her occasional digs) so I added some words to his page too then he was "cool"!! Here are our pages, I love his and then he drew "BOB"! hehehe
Remember in all fairness I drew my girl upside down and at a strange angle so my son could have rightsideup while we were side by side. So unlike Jane's face mine has a huge chin! I love my sons studies!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Juliette Crane is offering an opportunity for a free class!
 I love Julliette's art and instruction, she has a book too! I also have purchased her art and prints!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This year I shall cast away fear

and gather up joy!
The self enveloped  painterly sealed art for my gentle intentions for the year

the back of the envelope before I attached it to the main piece

Here it is showing the folds

and the words I sealed into my intention piece

before adding the envelope

showing the spot I covered in relationship to that part of my page
envelope attached!

My intention art for 2015!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a little experiment with lettering!

Working lettering from my notebook,

I got this quote from a very old tongue twister book and thought it was perfect for my stinky lettering. This class is helping me.

art from Lifebook 2015  tHE word were practice the pictures are all mine!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My completed art work for ARF went postal yesterday!!

Here is the finished product. A two page spread to raise money through auction, an idea from the great and generous Kitty Miller!

no need to beg

be sure to read your leaves!

tiger sun

I love orange tiger kitties
Open a door for a fury friend support ARF

Love is a home create one for a pet!

Let go of even just a little bit to help them find their way!

What do you hold on to?
We all have room in our hearts to love the animals!

Anyone who might be interested in giving to a good cause? Art that is, if so read here, this is from my friend Kitty Miller:
My idea is this:
To have 45-60 artist send me 2 pages. The pages would be originals. You choose the subject matter just remember this is to raise money for charity so put some real love into it. The pages need to be 11 and 3/8 by 8 and 1/4". I would like to receive them by 3/30/15. I will then have them digitally scanned for the second half of this project. ( I will discuss that right after the original journal.)
I will then glue them into a Dylusion Creative Journal with 64 2 page spreads. That original journal will then be auctioned off online. You will all be able to bid on it and let your friends know to bid on it too. I will advertise it on Facebook and all over the place. The proceeds from the online auction will then be sent to ARF in all of the contributing artists names.
The digital scans will then be sent to my friend who owns a publishing company. He will print me 200 books as his contribution or gift to me and ARF to support this project. We will be able to include 45 of the entries. Each contributing artist will get a copy out of the 200 books he will print for me for free. I plan to give the remaining books to ARF for fundraising purposes.
The book and the journal will both need a cover and an end cover and my intention is to let all of the artists who have submitted their art to me for the journal vote on which entry we will use out of all of your entries for the front and back cover. The cover will be a digital scan of the pages that are being used inside the book with the title, and credits smile emoticon.
I will post each entry on here as they are received. The entries should be mailed to me with tracking info just to make sure it gets to me safely. As I know we all put a lot of love and time into our art as it is a piece of each of us.
I truly believe that art can heal the world and this is just my first idea on how to help. I was blessed to participate in HeArt the traveling art journal and it inspired me. I have set the deadline for 03/30/15.
Kitty Miller
955 Cedar Way SE
Salem OR 97302

 Latter I will post information on how you can bid on the journal!

Monday, January 26, 2015

I started this little picture on a canvas 3 years ago and hated it too much to complete but then...

 I saw a piece by Jane Davenport from the Life Book 2015 CLASS, and she inspired me with her angel wing! So I decided to revisit my poor little unfinished hated art work. I think it's a little immature but I like it better now! Smaller canvas than most of the others I have worked. Hope you can enjoy the playfulness
I will add some updated versions later as I worked a tiny bit longer after these photos.

The Sun!

Janes Wing was more watery and lovely!

See the glitter in my cloud(dreamlike)

of this art.