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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I painted some pictures today!

I was feeling better so I was able to actually get out of bed and paint!
This is my self portrait for the backs of the pages in the fat book I am doing for the Fine Arts group! I like how it came out. I think it looks like me but my DH says it doesn't. Aaaah what does he know anyways I have seen me years longer then he has!
Then I painted this little atc, I named it Goodnight Solo Mio! Because he is her only baby! I sanded the edges to bring out the white from the nighttime. Usually I ink my edges, or ep them.
Took two walks today and basically walked four miles. Garrett and Dh walked the second one. Dh and I have been walking alone everyday. I really love our alone time together haven't had that for like 15 years! We sure need it.
The hurricane Gustave has started to hit, and I am in prayer for the people who live in that area. God bless them all.

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Halloween Queen needed better poses!

I finished my Halloween Queen. She needed a little extra work! Partly because my kitten took her in the night and used her as a new chew toy, or shall I say suckling bubba!
Ever since he was very little he has had a wool bed and whenever he gets into it he suckles on the side. It's really cute, and pretty hillarious.
One day when I was felting a project he attacked it with full suckling powers! I asked the vet about it and he said since wool reminds him of his mother anything he finds made from raw wool he will use as his mamas tits!
So Angie I hope you'll like your new "Cat Toy"! Seriously he sucked on the hair so I had to add more green glass beads to make them stand out. Plus I added a nice loop to the back for hanging, and attatched a large safety pin. You could add a smaller one if you like though since the loop is interchangeable. I like the pin showing so I used the very large type. It was fun shopping for this dolls colors, beads, button and fabric designs!
Looks like it may rain which would be great since the garden are now drying up. Our cucumbers look like tiny tortured beach balls with tails and the tomatoe planbt have one large tomatoe each! Guess this will be my Dh's last year for having the garden to himself. He is so neglectful which is ashamed because a garden takes money and one usually wants some fruits to show for it! Look out next year mama is taking over again for the first time in five years!
I should take pictures of this years for proof of who has the greener and blacker thumbs!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is my Halloween Queen Doll!

It's all finished except for a little back hook for hanging. She was sapossed to be a pin but she turned out gargantua!!! So now I have to see if Angie will still wants her. I like her considering she's my first doll like this I think she came out well! I am imagining that she will be the bell of the Halloween Ball. Maybe she could be worn on the outside of a thick jacket. Guess it would depend on the persons style preference and if she likes Halloween! As you can see she is totting her pumkin (maybe it's full of candy even)and walking her cat on a bejewelled leash. She has Art Chix arms and legs and a hand made clay face(well from a mold) and then self painted. Her hair is felted with sparkly beads sewn into it, and her hat is topped with a tiny bell! So she jingles a bit!!! The inside of her hat is lined with a wire so the hat is adjustable, as are her legs. So they too can be crossed and straight or running away from ghosties!

Today was beautiful outside!

Inside my heart I am not feeling as bright but this too shall pass. I just don't tollerate conflict so well. Wishing life were less complicated sometimes, still I am glad to be me.
I am working on a doll for my friend Angie, and a tag for another friend Debby. Plus I have hand drawn itty bitties coming due. I need more time in my studio,but DH is going hiking this weekned with child number 2 and I am stuck with the oldest and youngest. Neither one likes to pick up after himself. Nor will the eldest watch my youngest more then five minutes without tormenting him so won't be doing much art. I think this is partly why I am blue compared to usual.
Funny story today Garrett and I went out ,and when we got home he went off to his room to play while I read emails. Too quiet so I went and checked on him and there he was stripped down naked. I asked him why he took his clothes off and he said he had to poop so he needed a pull up for that! Took off his big boy undies and everything, found the pullups and did a ripe dump in em! Well today I decided after that he is going to change himself. So off we both trotted to the tub. I made him take off the dirty pullup dump that load in the pot and wash his own buttocks! LOL! I just hope this tactic works better then M&M bribery has!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I may have to make a trip to the doctors.

Man I hate colds they always go straight to my chest! Plus they make it hard to breathe and that makes me intollerant of my children. Can anyone relate or am I the queen B?
Well at least I finished my page for Debby. I sure hope she likes it because I am disapointed in myself. I think I may try doing a second page and try more in my own style see if I like it any better! Debby may get lucky and get two from me, or unlucky depending how one looks at it! hehehe We'll see how number two comes out if I am able to make time to do a second clip! Oh yeah, Debby's theme was black and white with vinatge women and a touch of my choice colour. I obviously chose blue!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working on a chest cold!

Little Garrett gave me this one, he gave it to Danny and Seth too. Why is it this mom always gets sicker then her kids? Hopefully this will clear up on its' own within a day or two.
Today I worked on making a collage sheet using Gerry's photo and my painting. Here it is , enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today I got to do some art!

It's Friday and I finally got to draw and paint a little bit. I did an APC for my friend Gerry. I used a photo she took and tried to copy it! It's not exactly the same but pretty close. I hope she'll like it!

Swam at the pool today our last day before the pool closes. Played Marco Pollo with Garrett and some little girls joined in. Garrett was proud to have made a few new friends. I think he will enjoy Pre-K more this year then he did last! Yeah three whole morning of untethered art work! Mama will finally be alone to create!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is me lately!

Feeling like I am seeing things only in fragments. Sometimes life seems so difficult because we can only see things in fragments. Feels like God is not taking care of us/me. But then I tell myself someday I will see things in full and everything will be clear!!! I know deep in my heart God is in controll of everything, even the sad issues will be made joyfull.
I had the strangest experience yesterday. A red bird was all wonky on my driveway chirping up a storm. Hopping all around like he had gone mad. I think something must have happened to his wife. Each night he would call her at days end and they would fly off to bed together. This was mid day though, and not his usual behavoir at all. I went outside and watched him for a while then he saw me and flew off.
On my jog I found a partridge feather and decided it was beautiful so I thought if I kept my eyes on the ground I might find more , but nay! When I reached the edge of my own property on return there he was my sweet but very dead little red bird.
I am not sure if maybe he was ill but I highly suspect he was misserable because something happened to his life mate. She was no where to be seen. I think he may have flown into a car or died from sorrow. I put him in my freezer because I simply cannot part with his beauty yet. I know this is weird but I am hoping to taxydermy him or at least take any salvageable parts and make a work of art out of him. He has given me so much spiritual joy. I am grateful I was honored to see and be a part of this last song and dance of the Red Bird.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I was tired today.

My dog made me go for a walk though. She came to me whimpered and put her leg on my knee. She knew that was what I needed to feel better. Molly is a good girl and I love her. Made some new Twinchies too, so here they are!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drive by!

Not a shooting just a drawing. I saw this loverly farm with an awesome row of sunflowers just had to draw its memory for a friend. I am not completely pleased with this I will go back to it with my camera and retry it from a photo. I would sit there and draw it but I doubt my kids would allow me such a novalty! Then again maybe they could run through the fields whilst I sketch?

Yesterday I went for my 4 month check up and had a great turn out. I have lost 50% of my goal weight. Which they say is really good in four months time. Plus all of my labs that came back were excellente! I have no malabsorbtion and many people do after a gastric bypass so this is good news. I have great calcium, vitamin D, iron, just need to be redrawn for a B12. I'll call my primary today for that one!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I think Nh is turning into a tropical rain forest!

I am so tired of all this rain rain rain! Need more sunshine my tan is fading too fast, and soon Fall will be knocking at our doors. I am posting this canvas today because I will be sending it off to a friend. I did it a few months ago. It's made up of two inch x2" fabric twinchies. Place on an antique doiley which is atop of a wrapped canvas. All are pretty pastels and sweets. Embellished with charms, antique crystals, sparkling cardboard bits, beads, buttons, metal wand. fabricated stamps, sequins,tiny mirrors, goldened tree branches,appliques, ArtChix metalic roses, laces and even an old bra center! Some of the fabric transfers are of my drawings and others are collaged pieces I tranferred to fabric. The tea pots are 3d paper die cuts I purchased from the dollar bin at Micheals!This was originally supposed to be a sweet good bye to my sweet tooth, before my gastric bypass. Sad to say I still eat sweets, but never as much of anything as before. Down to 204 pounds today! Enjoy the viewing!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Got up early this Sunday!

Took a nice awakening shower, did this small twinchie, and got ready to go. Went to Dad and Marcias for Sunday dinner. Dad(grampa), Marcia(grammie), cousin Petey, Warren (Uncle), sister Marcia(auntie), Cousin Andrew, and Ron and the kids and me all there. Missed Kath and Harriet and Don because they were all in NJ!
Food was great as usual. Had steak, chicken ceaser salad,yummy corn on the cobb, fruit salad with fresh pineapple! Also had self made ice cream sundays with homemade brownies for desert! My step mom always puts on a great spread! It was a fun time too!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love Saturdays!

I get to art and have fun because dh has to watch me wee one! I went for my walk/jog early to get it out of the way. I wanted dh to go to the pool with me but he hates the pool. So he agreed to walk instead! It's so much more fun with a partner! Then I came home changed my sheets and went to Hallmark to help Danny find a card for his friends bday party. He is doing a sleep over later! We got a funny hobbs card and then went to the toy store to fill a tiny bag up with goodies!
He begged me for silly puddy, do you all remember that stuff? I love stretching the comics!
So here is my One armed Cat Juggler I did for my friend Thom. Just found out his book made a best sellers list. Gonna have to go buy me one, it's a horror called: Sinister Landscapes, this is what Thom wrote..Greetings my children of shadow! I have a huge announcement to make, I'm still trying to believe thismyself. The book Sinister Landscapes, which has mywork in number 1 on the amazon best sellerslist!!!!!!!! Beating out two anthologies that include Stephen king and clive barker!! Have a great weekend all!!!!TgreaperThom

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ok I finally did these preliminaries!

To a huge canvas I am going to work on soon! They are done on an antique page from my new/ old insect book. Then gessoed over and painted upon ,and finally I worked the paper with acrylics and guache! I love how they came out. One is called Sanna's Seen and the other Sanna Sees! So egocentric as both are self portraits with wings! Love it, as I am a dreamer who often flies!
Went to the eye doctor today with Garrett and Danny! Got a snack and some new glasses! On the way home had to stop at a specialty shoppe for some of Caryls 50th bday gifts! Her book is gonna be awesome!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today we went to Manchester!

I thought I was going for an eye exam but when I got there they said it was reschedualled for tomorrow, right after my dental appointment. I was so bummed because gas cost so much and it's a 40 minute trip. So I went to the dental clinic and asked if they could take me today. They actually had a cancellation miracle of miracles, and took me! So tomorrow I only have to have an eye exam and today was not a wasted trip. I took Seth and Garrett so tomorrow it'll be Danny and Garrett! Garrett always loves being with me but the teens hate going with their poor old mom these days! So I take one for babysitting and to prevent havoc at home! This way they are all happy.

I worked on a few APC's today but none are done yet so I am posting a journal page I made earlier this year!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today was a rainy gloomy day!

I slept all day long but tonight I hope to paint some APC's! Went to the chiropractor again too, trying to get my back literally straightened out! This is the picture I sent into Somerset for their black and white challenge. I sure hope they use it. It's also for the ArtChix Spoil Me Challenge. Two birds with one stone. Imagine if I win both. Ya OK like that could happen! HA! Someday maybe when I am really great!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today was a great day!

Me and two of my boys went to a giant craft fair with my dad and sister! It was fun and made me realize my art is good enough to be there too! I wish sometimes I were wealthy so I could buy everything I like but that's ok. I bought a sweet glass button and a nice basket pin cushion too! I always need more places for pins and I am planning to make something sweet and special with my new glass button! There was tons of inspiration at the fair it was for the New Hampshire league of crafters! Funny I shared an ice cream cone with my four year older~ in the past I would have gotten a giant one for myself! My feet are killing me but it was a nice way to spend a casual summer day!

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