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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I was tired today.

My dog made me go for a walk though. She came to me whimpered and put her leg on my knee. She knew that was what I needed to feel better. Molly is a good girl and I love her. Made some new Twinchies too, so here they are!


Kim said...

Great twinchies Sanna, so colorful and happy! Aren't our pets so good for us? Whatever I would do without mine, I just don't know. And congratulations on your weight loss! Keep on, you are getting close!

Debby said...

Your twinchies are fab and I love your banner. That is your artwork right?! I'm a big fan of yours as I think you already know. You sent me an invite to a yahoo group recently and I am not naming it here for a reason and I non-deliberately deleted it. I would love to participate if it is not too late. If so perhaps I can contribute some other way. I have 3 doggies and they are the best spirits in my life, beside my daughter. It is totally unexplainable. The love is so unconditional. What more could you ask for? We humans should take notice.

Helen in the UK said...

Hey - I only just found out you had started a blog!! Lovely to see some more of your art and hear a little about your life. Will check back regularly and see what you're up to :)

ScaryCheri said...

love the twinchies sweetie. Listen to your dog, she knows what's best. I keep telling Lance when hes tired to go for a walk and it will energize him but he doesn't. So seee them dogs know. Hugz, Scary

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