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Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is my Halloween Queen Doll!

It's all finished except for a little back hook for hanging. She was sapossed to be a pin but she turned out gargantua!!! So now I have to see if Angie will still wants her. I like her considering she's my first doll like this I think she came out well! I am imagining that she will be the bell of the Halloween Ball. Maybe she could be worn on the outside of a thick jacket. Guess it would depend on the persons style preference and if she likes Halloween! As you can see she is totting her pumkin (maybe it's full of candy even)and walking her cat on a bejewelled leash. She has Art Chix arms and legs and a hand made clay face(well from a mold) and then self painted. Her hair is felted with sparkly beads sewn into it, and her hat is topped with a tiny bell! So she jingles a bit!!! The inside of her hat is lined with a wire so the hat is adjustable, as are her legs. So they too can be crossed and straight or running away from ghosties!

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