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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today was beautiful outside!

Inside my heart I am not feeling as bright but this too shall pass. I just don't tollerate conflict so well. Wishing life were less complicated sometimes, still I am glad to be me.
I am working on a doll for my friend Angie, and a tag for another friend Debby. Plus I have hand drawn itty bitties coming due. I need more time in my studio,but DH is going hiking this weekned with child number 2 and I am stuck with the oldest and youngest. Neither one likes to pick up after himself. Nor will the eldest watch my youngest more then five minutes without tormenting him so won't be doing much art. I think this is partly why I am blue compared to usual.
Funny story today Garrett and I went out ,and when we got home he went off to his room to play while I read emails. Too quiet so I went and checked on him and there he was stripped down naked. I asked him why he took his clothes off and he said he had to poop so he needed a pull up for that! Took off his big boy undies and everything, found the pullups and did a ripe dump in em! Well today I decided after that he is going to change himself. So off we both trotted to the tub. I made him take off the dirty pullup dump that load in the pot and wash his own buttocks! LOL! I just hope this tactic works better then M&M bribery has!

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