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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working on a chest cold!

Little Garrett gave me this one, he gave it to Danny and Seth too. Why is it this mom always gets sicker then her kids? Hopefully this will clear up on its' own within a day or two.
Today I worked on making a collage sheet using Gerry's photo and my painting. Here it is , enjoy!

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ScaryCheri said...

oh Lance has the same cold right now. He keeps blaming it on the air conditioner. I am crossing my fingers hoping I don't get it too. He is terrible about covering his mouth when he coughs. And although I keep wet wipes next to my seat and use them religiously, he doesn't. I think it's a testosterone thing? lol. Love your blog. Found it when I was surfing Elizabeths. Almost up to your email, lol. Catching up slowly but surely. Hugz, Scary

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