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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something a friend of mine wrote to me over one of my ATC's!

Sanna, this is the most meaningful piece of art you've created IMHO. It is so beautiful on every level. Your painting is superb as always, and the ATC itself speaks to me of hope for humankind to live in peace, the forgiveness of a race, the innocence of a child. Of all the art I have, (and I have a LOT!) this one I treasure most. I don't know what I will do with it yet, but it's not going into my ATC book. I want this one out where it can be seen by others, and by me, everyday! Sanna, I doubt if I can create something even close to this to send back to you, but I will do my best. I don't know how to thank you for sending "The Blessing" to me. That you did is truly a blessing to me. Thank you more than words can say!!!Big happy, delighted, hugs,Rebecca

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Added that twig!

Oh and another dragonfly my son had caught for me earlier in the summer! I used E 6000 for adhering that twig and weighted it down with bricks while it dried. Then I painted the twig to match my painting and finally sealed it with a mat heavey gel medium. Next I will add the velvet leaves! So keep coming up with those titles I am loving so many of them!
I also worked on some charms for the birdie charm swap I am working on. I finished 13 of them. I always make myself one from each set and today I made one for my friend Melinda as well.
I plan on making three more sets before I post them. I have had months and why I wait until the last moment is besides me? I do have them all planned out though . Have all the beads and birds and bamboo tiles and stamps all bought and ready to produce! That's more the half the effort having everything ready to rock , roll and create!
I haven't been around too much today because instead of walking I passed out for 4 hours! Man I really have to walk tomorrow because over the weekend Julie said she wont walk with me, her hip hurts! But man we are gonna have a balast at Tims Holiday Art Fest!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the Nick of time for Michelle!

I made a big butted elf a while back and have had many request one since. Each one is a bit different from the others. Michelle asked for this one in trade for some gifties she sent me, for a special swap we are doing on a special group for a friend! Bottoms up!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My first Blog giveaway, A CONTEST ACTUALLY!

OK here it is my unfinished canvas. The name I thought of so far is Wnged Treassures, if you can come up with a better one and I use it as the title you will win this book! It's a wonderful book but I bought two so am giving this one away! Leave a comment about this canvas and a title idea. If you win the book is all yours free shipping and all! I will post the canvas again when I finish it completely with in the next day or two! Oh and the canvas size is 35" 'sx 23.5" 's!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Got some important artwork done today.

Never enough though! I got all my Itty Bitties enveloped addressed and ready to rock and roll to the post tomorrow am! Plus each player got one of the HH's I been hoarding and to top that off I made my own HH's one for each of you! Aren't you lucky ??? Well I am excited and have become jealous of everybody elses, I know they will be great when they come home but totally different then anything I exspect. That's half the fun of it is seeing the creative surprise!

Ok and I worked on my large mixed media painting again. My 13 year old son Danny said I ruined it but I don't think I did. Tonight I worked on adding the girl and the nest and tomorrow I will be adding some more texture on top of the cheesecloth I already added to that nest! I am still loving this piece. I will attach a neat twig tomoorow. Plus I am thinking some velvetine leaves!
Oh and here it is so far and also in black and white!!!!!

I think I may have a contest on my blog for the title of this piece. Now what to give to the winner?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I finally finished my color swap kit, and my mama Blue Bird!

Hope everyone will like my orange and Blues! Especially Helga because hers are awesome! I hand sewed all of mine(well with the machine) so another words they are all originals! I did free motion sewing for the moons faces and for the spiders webs too! The spiders are from sequence I bought from Collage Stuff, everyone gets a spider of their own as well!! I bought all these pretty papers as my stash isn't as big as some. The face on my Halloween Zetti witch is from ArtChix! I thought about giving her bloody fangs but then thought better as not sure all would appreciate bloody art work! Maybe I'll just do that to mine? The little glittered foam pumkin I drew some faces on with black gel pen. I was thinking of calling the card circles and triangles or the three faces of evil but decided Boo Moon was best because the colors are orange and Blue ... get it? Boo Moon instead of Blue Moon??? I like how they came out but not sure all the players will like my extra large embellishment I used over the Boo Moon words? I think I need to paint lil' tiny blue cats in the lower left corners to better balance the card too, don't want to over do it though? Maybe I will or maybe I won't.

I also added a real buterfly to my mixed media collage pic and have so many more plans before its' all finished. Hope it turns out well! I really love it so far!

Oh and I forgot to mention, half way through making my atcs for the color swap I realized I needed more blue stars! Everyone gets three of those too but they won't all be the same and that is why. I never made it to Joanns where I originally bought them. Instead I went to Micheals, AC Moores, and Bob's(for new shoes). The shoes were sapossed to be for Garrett but I got three pairs for me too! My bunoins are so big now I had to do something. Got some nice comfy Sketchers too! Plus a pair of wedge high heel Mudds. Boy do they bring me back to the 70's! They hurt my feet alittle but after the bunoins come off they will be awesome, whenever that is???
Now I have to read all my emails and get to finishing up my itty bitties sealing them up with HH'S and make a few HH's to send with them as well. All that before I go to bed tonight, then tomorrow it's on to Christine's journal page!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I did it I did it! I caught the elusive orange butterfly!

That's right Garrett and I went on a picnic today and I caught one. A perfect specimen on my first try. This was very exciting for both of us as the entire family has been trying all summer to catch him! Finally at the end of September it happens! I know I am a monster for wanting to use a live creature in my art but sometimes the sacrifices must be made! I will be very careful how I go about applying it to my canvas!
Ok now here's my collage canvas I have colored in my circles and added some brown distressed edging and added my Eastern Bluebird. I will be adding some more painting and then hopefully some embellishments. More to come later!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ok one more for today, it's my last itty bity this round!

I call it Snake Between the Cacti! It's from a picture I googled the person asked for a southwestern theme. Hope this does the trick!

I found a bird nest today!

Yes I found a bird nest tonight on my walk with DH!
It's only a little one so I can either use it on this years Christmas tree or as a neat piece in an altered art work. Not sure which it'll be yet. I always like to add a new nest every year to my tree so if I don't find another on the ground that will be it!
This canvas is still in the making but I am on stage three in a multi layered canvas collage class I am taking online. I think I like the way it's turning out. Now to decide how I will complete it, with a painted image or with a premade image? Plus I have secret pieces to put on it as well. Stay tuned for the next 4 stages!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's the Queen in her cigar box!

This one's for you Ang! Not all the goodies around her only what's inside! Sorry!!!

I finally finished my cigar boxes with the baking soda rust technique, from Inkas class!

I made this box to go with my Halloween Queen doll. I made it for Angie and her daughter! I am thinking and praying for Angie and all the other people involved in the Ike experience. I hope you will all be OK and that you will have homes to return to soon. If you do not I am praying God will rebuild your lives to even better then they may have been before. Do not give up hope do not despair because God is with you no matter where life takes you. The bible says He takes care of the lillies in the field and the birds of the air so how much more will he provide for His children. I know it's easy for me to quote as I have a home right now but it wasn't always that way for me and may not always be for me in the future. My uncle Art lives in Texas and he has had a tree fall onto his porch, my cousin had three fall in his yard but noone got hurt and no water came into their houses. I pray the power comes back on soon and that you are all safe in Gods arms.

Well I made some lady ArtChix ATC'S!

I made these atc's for a friend I did a personal trade with online. She's a member of the ARtChix group and she sent me three of the most beautiful atc's I have ever seen. Her name is Cheryl Adotti.
The one that says" I like to spin until I am dizzy" I made from my sons inspiration, he is four always doing just that! Must be hereditary I used to do it too! Got in trouble all the time in the second grade for shaking my head fast back and fourth for the same reason too! Hehehe GOOD TIMES!
The blue reflections one is titled Hearts , Flowers and Tears! That's because I am a person who tries to be nice, and look all flowery but sometimes I cry. The one with the Fairy holding the wand is titled "POOF"! A friend on STAMPMAGIC gave me the pretty edges as a gift so she may be getting that one!
All of the cards have at least one piece off the envelope that Cheryl sent to me , wonder if she'll notice?

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Child by leo with wings for Judy C!

I loved this child so I added wings to him. I really like how he came out. I needed an angel today.
My mom came home from her hospital stay and she is glad to be there! I am very glad she is back too. I was nervous about her serious infection. She still has a visiting nurse for her dressing and packs but it's much better now.
My day was long and stressful but I will not get into why on my blog. Sure am glad it's over though.
Garrett came home from school today all excited about seeing an orange butterfly on his school playground! He knows how badly I have been trying to catch one all summer long for my art!
If we don't catch one soon it'll have to wait until next summer. I am going to try to make the picture without it I guess!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dirty City

I did this lil painting for the finearts group, for Taxas Judy! Not sure how I really feel about the outcome yet.
I will be going into the dirty city tomorrow to visit my mother in the hospital. She wants an iced coffie and an orange cranberry muffin, so that she will have. She also mentioned some one pound weights so I may go to the new sports store on the way and try to find some for her. Might cheer her up a bit. Her hospital stay has been long and isn't over yet so anything to brighten her day!
This rain isn't gonna cut it!
I am also working on some Halloween cigar boxes. I will be doing a how to vedio on a doll next week, God willing!
The boxes I am making are for the dolls. Will post one when I am done.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am so confused!

I decided to make a second set of journal pages for Debby. I wasn't at all satisfied with the first set. Even though these are witchy they are way more my style and were more fun for me to make. It was difficult for me to do black and white with women from the past for some reason. I am pleased with this set hope Deb likes em!
I missed my sons doctors appointment today and went on Tuesday when I didn't even have an appointment. When will I ever get my head on straight? Never I guess since I been like this my entire lifetime. I swear all week long I looked at my calendar everyday and said to myself I wont forget this appointment, I wont forget. Even saw it this am, but when appointment time rolled around it just slipped my mind. I hope they wont charge us for a no show. so dyslexic and ADHD I think they really need to make an exception and call me ahead of my/our appointment time. They usually do for my appointments. Guess I need to request it for all of the appointments I need to be responsible for keeping. It's really terrible I still have these wicked dreams that I am in college and somehow an entire semester goes by and I have missed all my classes and grades are coming due, it's so stressfull!
Just got off the phone with my mom. She is still in the hospital and tomorrow they are going to operate on her foot and lance and pack the infection. It just isn't reponding quickly enough to the antibiotics. Poor mama, please pray for my Carol Louise!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Another self portrait.

I did four at one time so I thought I would finish them all up. This one was pencil and chaulks. I like it alright but feel I can do better. I like yesterdays moreso.
Today I worked on another 8x8 journal page and I will focus the rest of the week on that and my hand drawn itty bittys.
Went walking today but had to force dh because he was tired. He starts school again tomorrow night so back to the grind for me. Kids always act up when daddy comes home late.
My mom says she seems to be getting better though she was depressed today. Wanting to be with the family at a labor day party instead of being in the hospital. I'm praying for you mom!

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