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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I finally finished my cigar boxes with the baking soda rust technique, from Inkas class!

I made this box to go with my Halloween Queen doll. I made it for Angie and her daughter! I am thinking and praying for Angie and all the other people involved in the Ike experience. I hope you will all be OK and that you will have homes to return to soon. If you do not I am praying God will rebuild your lives to even better then they may have been before. Do not give up hope do not despair because God is with you no matter where life takes you. The bible says He takes care of the lillies in the field and the birds of the air so how much more will he provide for His children. I know it's easy for me to quote as I have a home right now but it wasn't always that way for me and may not always be for me in the future. My uncle Art lives in Texas and he has had a tree fall onto his porch, my cousin had three fall in his yard but noone got hurt and no water came into their houses. I pray the power comes back on soon and that you are all safe in Gods arms.

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