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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My first Blog giveaway, A CONTEST ACTUALLY!

OK here it is my unfinished canvas. The name I thought of so far is Wnged Treassures, if you can come up with a better one and I use it as the title you will win this book! It's a wonderful book but I bought two so am giving this one away! Leave a comment about this canvas and a title idea. If you win the book is all yours free shipping and all! I will post the canvas again when I finish it completely with in the next day or two! Oh and the canvas size is 35" 'sx 23.5" 's!


Anonymous said...

Sanna- Your piece is wonderful!!
How about "Fantasy of Flight"?

I looks like a fantasy to me!!

Would love to win the book!!

donna hall

Just-Kim said...

What a wonderful piece of art. Just stunning! I'm going to suggest the title "Wishes on Wings". The woman looks as if she's ready to take flight and give you something. Hopefully it'll be a wish!
Kim P.

Pixie said...


I love this! How about 'dreams with wings'?


Dawn said...

Great piece, wonderful to look at; my thought for a title would be
"Inspiring Wings" because this is just that an inspiring piece
Dawn Gold

AnnieLittlewolf said...

How about "Whispers and Wings"? Because the whole canvas is covered in a gauzey like layer, like you could whisper through.
Just an idea.

Collectincat said...

I resisted looking at the comments to get ideas, and came up with "Love in Flight" as it seems to be lovable things that are all flying. Then I saw all the other titles and they are ALL great. Tough choice for you?

Deb P said...

I had thought of Whispers and Wings before I looked at the other comments, but somebody else already had something similar to that. How about Whispers of Love? Or Whispers of Dreams? It just seems to say Whispers to me. But very beautiful.

quiltcrazygal said...

The first thing that came to mind was "A Wing and a Prayer". Beautiful work, thanks for sharing and having the contest! Hugs, Jenna Louise

Brenda C said...

Several ideas came to mind... "Wings of Wonderment", "Flights of Fantasy", Delicate Wings of Wonder", and "Gentle Wings in Gentle Breezes". The softness of the composition is absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanna
Love your new work. I would like to suggest "Awakening to Flight's Potential!
The nest reminds me of birth and young chicks with their potential for flight and all the birds and everything just seemed to fit. Good luck on your title search.

nkjohnston said...

First Wings

First Flight

Boundaries Left Behind

It's gorgeous and didn't get time to comment yesterday when I first saw it. What a fun project - hope to get mine posted soon.

Anonymous said...

Sanna, As much as I would love to win the book. A few of my thoughts are already stated by others for the name.
Awesome piece of work, your are so talented.

morningDove said...

When I saw your lovely piece of art what came to mind - the circles remind me of the moon and star gazing on a beautiful night. So the title "Fly Away Moon".

Ina Ftacek said...

I love simplicity so I chose winged beauties...Thanks for the generosity of the book offering as a prize to whomever you choose! Hugs,Ina

Penney said...

I love your work! I would call it "Spirits in Flight" or "Spiritual Flight".

Best wishes,

Donnell said...

I'm torn between "Lighter Than Air" and "Leaving the Nest." Lovely collage at any rate!

sandee said...

I have the book, but wanted to let you know that it's a beautiful piece!

dreamreign said...

hey girl... im thinking "Taking Flight"...Dream

Jaxx said...

Hi Sanna...this is a lovely piece. A couple of titles come to mind...hope you like them: Angel Breath and Winged Prayer. Jackie

Anonymous said...

"Heaven's Messengers"


Nick said...


Lizzie said...

This is very nice. Can't wait to see the finished product.
I sense a longing "To Be Free" with all the wings that are in the collage so far.
You never know maybe the end product will be something quite different indeed.

Willow said...

Rêves de Vol en Rose et Bleu

Dreams of flight in pink and blue

Anonymous said...

this is a great piece, sanna.
i propose: "in my sky, dreams roam free".
lise from stampmajik

"Stampgram" said...

Oh, Sanna, it is sooo lovely. I am thinking "Floating Free" and "Winging Heavenward"

Barb Thomas said...

Hi Sanna..another great work of art from your ever busy muse....vbg

Love the about "Circle of Life" ?

Lynda said...


How about "Fly Away Home" ?

Lovely piece.


Mary S said...

Sanna this going to be a beautiful piece... I would love a chance to win about...
"mumma said one day I would fly"

mary strong

Bonnie Ashurst said...



By the's very nice

Thank you

Beks said...

Sanna, it's really beautiful... most of the ideas the first came to mind have already been mentioned but here are a few more to consider:
Wind Beneath My Wings
Fly Away
Home is Where You Build your Nest
Finding My Wings
Flight of Discovery
Soaring Spirit
With so many people chipping in, you're sure to find a fabulous title for a fabulous piece =)

thismuseofmine said...

Oh Sanna- I would love the book! (I secretly, or not so secretly covet the canvas-lol!)Here are some Ideas--I like the french translations as well, the canvas seems so romantic, that I thought the translation might be nice.
"birth of flight/naissance de vol" "hatching wings/éclosion des ailes" "flight of the bluebird/vol de l'oiseau bleu"
My daughter says:"bluebird FLY/MOUCHE d'oiseau bleu"
I hope on of these works for you! I love your canvas- it is wonderful!

Jade Adams said...

Sanna- This giveaway is fantastic!! I would love to win this book! I have two ideas for a title:
1. A soulful soar
2. Free Bird

whimsy said...

I love your canvas and enjoyed seeing the process you went through to get there. I would call the piece "Forever in Flight" as a sort of tribute to the captured butterfly.


kimbo218 said...

Hi Sanna,
This is a beautiful piece!! I would
title it "On the Wings of Dreams."
Thanks for showing it to us.
Kim Solinas

JJ Creations said...

When looking, I get visions of what heaven might be. Thus, I thought of the following:
1. Heaven's Wings
2. Bound Toward Heaven
3. Garden of Wings

Very beautifully done, as with all your works of art. Hugs, JJ

Anonymous said...

I love your collage!!

Okay, here is one idea in 2 titles:

"Artists Soar With the Wings They Are Given"

"Soar With the Wings You Are Given"

Lots of good title suggested so far, good luck choosing!!


Elizabeth Littlepage said...

Gorgeous piece, Sanna! Really beautiful. I love your talent...wish one day I could get there. How about simply "Celestial"?

Melinda Cornish said...

How about 'she found her wings and now she flies"

Julia said...

Your collage is awesome! How about

"Spread Your Wings"
"Flight of Fancies"
"Come Fly with Me"
"Flight to Eternity"
"You Give Me Wings"


Jayne said...

Hi Sanna, thats lovely. I'm still thinking of some more, but all I've thought of so far is
the freedom of flight,
beyond the clouds,
with the wisdom of wings,
wings of freedom,

CarolD said...

Sanna - i love it -- it is a stunning piece of art.

How about

"Flutter for a day and think it's forever."

Carol D

herminesplace said...

Its gorgeous and a very strong piece, what to think about one strong word "winged".

catanne said...

Hello dear, it is an awesome piece!
What I think of is "Winged dreams" but I don´t know if it´s already suggested.
Hugs Annelie,

Sharon H. said...

Sanna... what a lovely piece of art! The title that popped into my mind as I looked at it was: "Come fly with me beyond the stars"

Your blog is a real pleasure to visit!


"Stampgram" said...

Sanna, I keep coming back to look at really, really speaks to me. Today it is saying "Caught in Flight" and "On Wings of Joy". Whatever you choose, this is one awesome piece of art. It really grabs you right in the heart with a feeling of exuberance bursting forth.

Kelly said...

all the beautiful winged things! lovely! my suggestion for the title is memories' migration for surely it is all metaphoric of her life remembered, her hopes and dreams and their taking flight. at least it is to me. :0) said...

Hey Sanna....can I win the painting instead?!?!?
But seriously
"Winged migration" (stole it from a great movie)
"Soaring to heights"
"Flutter and flow"
It is Fabulous my darling!
Gena Boone-Curtis

AwtemNymf said...

I see that "Wind Beneath My Wings" has been suggested and that's what came to mind when I looked at this picture!
My 2nd suggestion would be:
"A Spritual Soar"


Beautiful work.. i like the variety of "wings' you used!

Lenna Andrews said...

Hi Sanna, what a beautiful painting. I love how you showed it's progression on your blog . . . and as far as a Title, this is what come to me when I look at your piece:

"Art lets me fly"

: ^ ) i hope you like it! You've had a lot of great suggestions, I know you will come up with something you love! So very kind of you to do this giveaway.
yours creatively, Lenna

Gina said...

Love your canvas, Sanna! The images are so soft and storylike. Hmmm, I think I would call it Altered Paths or Altered Flight.. Beautiful!
Gina L.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bird Bliss

Lovely, Sanna!

Anonymous said...

or "Escape Gravity"

Robin said...

Oh Sanna--it's beautiful!!
My offering

The Dance of Rebirth


teri c said...

"Filling the Nest in My Heart"
It's what come to mind when I saw this lovely collage.

peggy gatto said...

My Journey

Buffy said...

"FREE" because when I look at it, I feel like she would be free if she had wings.Free to be herself, to do what she wants, to go where she wants to go. Its beautiful!! It really speaks to me... I really love it.

Soaping Goddess said...

Ooops, I left my comment on the wrong one! I do love the movement and the beauty of the piece and that is why I chose the name "When Dreams Take Flight". It is very beautiful and seems to flow off of the canvas.

Anonymous said...

Great pice of art. "Soaring on the Wind" or "Wind beneath all wings" Margie

paintnputter said...

This is a lovely piece and I am in awe. My suggestion is "Let Your Wings Set You Free". Enjoy all the fun of choosing a winner and title.

Anonymous said...

Hi about Gentle Dream Journeys. Your collage is beautiful..I love it. Your blog is so interesting. A glimse of you. Linda Giese

missjenibee said...

From The Nest Of My Heart

I Send My Love To You

I Set My Dreams Free

And Wait For Love's Return

Anonymous said...

This piece is heavenly... how about "My Blue Heaven".

Robin Ritter

Anonymous said...

Charmed Flight

from Diana Cherryholmes

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

"Flying nest"
stunning canvas !! thank you for sharing it !

Anne Hartman said...

Sanna - to me the part of the painting that stands out is the nest. So how about something like this - “There are no birds in last year's nest” . It's a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Love the painting!

thismuseofmine said...

Hi again Sanna- I thought of a couple more:
Hope you like one of these-

carylsrealm said...

Soaring Beauties!

Vie Chaotique said...

Find a wing and climb up underneath.


Wing and a Prayer

Butterfies are free

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanna!
As always, you are right on with this piece!!!
For the name, how about "NO Fear of Flying."
It's beautiful!!!
Big happy hugs,

Corrine said...

How about
"The birth of wings"
or "The birth of flight"
or "Borrowed wings"

Love some of the other ideas too

barbara burkard said...

"...not far from the nest"

as the babies never fly far and know they can always return...

paintnputter said...

Hi Sanna,
Had one more thought for a title:

L'Air du Temps


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