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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stuff I got from the Blue and Orange swap!

If you missed this swap I know you are feeling a little jealous and a lot sad! It was awesome Look at all the blues and oranges! I'll bet the reds and greens will be just as good too! I have already started to collect mine for hand out! Love shopping and scrounging for cool stuffs! Be sure and play now ya hear!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I finished my calendar pager for alteredheads today!

I signed up to make a calendar page for one of my groups and chose January. I usually prefer to do Fb. but this was fun too! I started with a blue polkadotted fabric background and added from there. I found a neat old childrens book at the still good shed in the dump that's where I got my side pictures from. Neat inspiration! Then the center picture is from the Art Chix collage sheet called Happy Hour! Love Helga's stuff!
I added two layers of lace some free motion sewing and tons of clock faces! I found a great deal on watch parts about two years ago at an antique shoppe. A hugs bag for 30 bucks. Some Jolees bits too I have had for a few years and have been dieing to use up! Then used my label maker and sewed the words "Make It Count" on for balance and good measure!!! The final touch were the blue beads. Hope everyon likes it. I will go to Kinkos and make 13 copies for the calendar and get these sent out this week!
I will go to Kinkos on my way to the second hand childrens clothing store. Hope I can find a neat pair of overalls for Garrett for Halloween. I decided 25 dollars was too much for a storm trooper costume and so we only got the Thomas choo choo train trick or treat candy holder, and I decided since we already have a conductors hat that's what Garrett will be. He was thrilled with that too even though he would have rather been a Storm Trooper. I think those are ugly anyways! He will be more unique as a Train Engeneer! Way more cute too!!! I hate when kids have their faces covered on Halloween. It makes it harder for them to see and more dangerous with passing cars when they are out collecting candy. Plus I really love to see their sweet little faces! This year we are going to a friends haunted house! They will have lights on for the little ones, so shouldn't be too scary!
Tomorrow and for the rest of the week I will be working really diligently on my fat book fine art pages for my gang!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I finished Cynthia McMath's journal page today!

Hope you like it Cindy! I know we have never met in person but if I could have all my real friends at one party I would deffinetely want you there!

I made this little envelope because I knew it had to be an invitation since your theme was friendship , and I would love to meet my sweet on line friends one day! Plus I found the perfect sterioview card for this friendship theme. I am not sure what the young girl has in her hands but my guess is a dog bone and a cat toy! Either that or a cup and a jug for drinks! You will have to use your imagination! Isn't it the sweetest picture though? I think those are Art Chix glasses from one of Helgas transparency sheets!

Hope the embellishments aren't too cutsie or goddy /godawful. I thought they made this piece more cheery and fun hope you ldo too! I don't usually like plastic crap but I bought these just for your piece!
Had to try the vellum with print twice because the first time it was too light and buckled with the gel medium. Second try I used fab tac and sewed the edges! I like how the lace adds to a sweet and little girly look. I also tried my de mask and behind the masking design if you can't tell is more cupcake paper! Topped off with balloons. Every party needs a few ballons right?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was Tagged!

7 Random Things!
I was tagged for seven things about me by SANDEE ~The rules:1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write seven random things about yourself.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.
Here are my 7:
1. I really want to vacation in Amsterdam
.2. I LOVE the smell of clean babies! I adore children in general!
3. I really want to be a famous artist one day! Not just for the money but for the respect only as deserved. Anotherwords I want to be great!
4. On line art has enriched my life more then my on line friends could ever know. They inspire me on, encourage me forwards ,and make me feel as if I finally belong!
5. My favorite flower is a Yellow Rose!
6. One day when I die I want to sculpt for Jesus!
7. I usually don't know who I will vote for until the day I vote!
These are pretty dang random! Now to tag 7 people...1. Melinda2. Caryl 3.Fae 4.Helga 5. Andie 6.Janet, and 7.Dream , 8.Nick (oops I did one extra).Have Fun,

The Winner of my contest is the lovely...

Letha Richardson for her contribution! "flight of the bluebird/vol de l'oiseau bleu" Vol de l'oiseau bleu! I love this title especially in French because it was all about the Blue Birds for me. The flight of the insects and the process too are very important , but I especially love the Blue birds! So thank you everybody for playing and especially Letha for the excellent idea! I will be having another contest soon so stay tuned to my blog! I can't begin to tell everybody how much I appreciate your generous comments!!! Hugs, Sanna

Letha responded: "NO WAY!!!That is so great! I am so glad, but just amazed! I have always been intrigued by the french language- maybe I should learn to speak it someday *grin* Thank you so much Sanna! Letha"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last of my dolls for a while! Peggy Boo Jangles is for you!

OK I am done with making my doll pins and hangers for a while I really need to work on my fat book pages and my journal for the month. Plus I have a calendar page due as well! Man Christmas is really closing in on us, and with three kids it's always so much work. I need to go visit mums in the rehab center next weekend so that basically takes away at least one weekend day. Poor mom is depressed in that place. I'll call her on the phone later.
Hope you like Boo Jangles Peggy! His/her hat took forever to sew!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Doll pins! And a smal view of my road!

Aren't all babies sweet! This one is in memory of a friends precious lost one.

Here are some extra pins I made! I named them Madelyn, Night Leyeon, and Zorsha the Zetti Fairy!

All these pictures are of or around my house and looking down my street. Garrett came running to be in the photos. He's so funny!

To the left!

To the right!

Here I come mama! Take pictures of me!!!!

This is one of my tiny gardn angels, I got them after my brother died. So they always make me think of Drew!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been busy making these dolls!

This Fall has been beautious though. I have really felt like the trees and winding roads are a three demenisional dream! Has anyone else ever noticed the third demension in a new way. Lately I have really been paying attention to layers and levels and plains in nature/like when I am driving down the road. I look at the reflection on the glass windshield, then maybe a set of crows as they fly out of the road and next a close up tree in bright reds and orange hues, with the greener trees in the background and behind them a forest. I imagine them all as a painting or my next drawing. Maybe some of you already have done this forever and yes I have too but there is something different this fall. Something new going on in my artists minds eye. When I am finally caught up and ready to draw and paint again it'll be interesting to see what impact this may have upon my skills.
Here's a cute picture of my youngest Garrett and his best cat Grayson. The night I took this picture I dreamt the two became one. I gave birth to a human boy and eventually he became this cat! It was so odd I had to send the cat to kindergarden to learn his ABC's and 123's ,but was sad because cat's lives are shorter generally then humans!
My mom had her bandage off yesterday and her foot has gotten much better from the antibiotic beads and removal of the infected bone. Now I need more prayer for her to continue to do well as she has 4 more weeks in rehab on those strong antibiotics for the treatment of the MRSA. plus her DH has been having chest pains the doctors think it's just pain from the stints he had put in a little over a month ago. Let's all hope so!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finished Christine's journal Page!

I really like how it came out too! I used some chip board for the forest trees and some mica over the words I chose! Both kind of ideas off the Tim classes! I also used Lisa's altered art Fairies and some Victorian scrap some old victorian calendar cutouts, and some pretty bird charms! I loved this ribbon I got from Summerset Studio too! Plus I copied some old bird prints onto fabric and sewed them on. Her colors were Green,blue and browns. I utilized the green dots in the paper and put some in the air for leaves! Hope she loves em!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The final piece! Now I need to choose a winner!

I have added the final touch. the velvet leaves onto the large twig! Now to choose a title from that wonderful list of choices! I want to thank everybody ahead who played and left a comment for me. I have decided to sell this piece at the price of 1700.00$, so if anyone really loves it shout it out and it can be yours for that price. Otherwise I am keeping it until I start to sell on ebay. I will announce the winning title in a short while.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Last final Tim project

From the Fest anyways! Tim sells these little minnie hangers and you can slip any word/s you want into the display window area. I distressed mine with ink and then put it easily together.
The hanging part is collaged empherema, a nice litle girl sitting on Santa's lap. Then some holly and the Dec. month off a tiny calendar. That neat printed 25 also distressed and then the German scrap paper, mustn't forget the music sheet vintage of coarse! Throw it all together with a glu stick then use Glossy accents for the large frragment on top to be attatched.
Again I just now added my own touches. The words on top of the fragment and the back I added a great piece of designer paper. It'll be a nice gift for my dad maybe! Since my name is Susan and that was the name of the girl in the movie Miracle on 34th Street, I thought it was a neat idea. Hope you can see the words!

A grungeboard snowflake, from Tim of coarse!!!

This was the quickest and easiest project of them all! I think it would be a smash hit for a Girl Scout group or class project. Even the ladies at a nursing home might love this one!
Just start with two grunge board snowflakes one consecutively smaller then the other. Paint the faces with dabbers in any color you chose! White works well! Then sand the tops with Tims wonderful hand held sander, this brings out the design in the grunge board. Designs can also be change with grunge board through a cuddle bug or a sizzex. This grunge board is amazing you can bend it, crunch it, wax it, even sew through it!
After you havesanded you simply rub the face with alcohol ink and then you can wipe it down with a water filled minnie mister and a paper towel. We poked holes in the bottoms and added a pretty lil snowflake charm.
On the back we adhered a pin combo pendant hanger. Then viola!!!!
I added the brads today from my own stash.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Last of my Holtz Holiday art!

This was called large wax canvas! Because we got to play with bees wax! This was really quite fun. First we used those dabbers again only instead of using them only with the tops we used them as globbing the paint on so we unscrewed the dabbers and poured the paint directly to the canvas surface. Fun fun fun! Then we used that gray foam again and smooshed it all around. I think I was the only one who use all the colors I did. Most people stuck with one monchrome. Not me mine looked like a Kandinsky to start out with. Then we used one of Tims Florish masks. Mine came out really unique because of all my colors I loved the results. Everybodies came out so nice though. Next we covered any part of the canvas we wanted to apply collage onto with bees wax. Then Tim gave us some neat holiday collage sheets and we cut them up and applied them directly to the canvas wherever we wanted them and then reapplied more wax on top to make them stick or adhere.
There were two special side tables set up for this project. One was for silver leafing the number 25, and the other was for alcohol inking whatever we chose to colorize. I did my chandeliers crystals and the wing and strip of clear plastic. All in browns as my colors were so diverse I wanted to unite my canvas with distressed colors of muted browns. I think it worked well too!
The snow we added on the tops was a genius combination od glossy accents and white utee. mixed up and while wearing gloves applying it straight onto the top of our canvases. I decided to make three icicles dripping off mine.
We did the grunge board letters and everyone also got to choose from a bucket of larger white plastic letters as well. For my plastic letters I chose "Born a baby", and for my grunge board which I dabbed in red I chose "He is Risen", all that I think the meaning of Christmas is really about. We usually sing Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing in the morning at breakfast time!
I asked Tim if I could replug in the beewax at the end to apply my deer, he said I could but it couldn't be done with grunge board. He was wrong! I do have a degree in fine art so I knew how to get this job done! hehehehe I applied hot waxunder the deer and while still hot and melted quickly adhered my deer and reapplied m,ore on top! See Tim nothing is impossible. Tim taught me something wonderful though that the only glue he knew that works to add embellishments ontop of wax is the glossy accents it works great so most of my embellishments are applied with that!
The large white snowflake is crackle painted and distressed inked on top. Then a water mister and wiped. There are ghost snowflakes Tim provided and stars and bells attacthed to the side. The wing was also attached with wire into a side drilled hole, again thanks to Mario. I would say Tims classes are well worth the time and travel if you ever have the opportunity jump!

This was a tag we made at the Tim Fest!

Ok this tag was fun and easy! First we used Tims wonderful Holiday stamps! Then he made up this concoction of alcohol inks water and perfect pearls mixture! We sprayed that on and you can make any color mixture you want with them. Very cool ideas! We put the washers and brads in and used that amazing texture hammer to zap those brads into a unique distressed state. I could hammer all day long! He also provided us with a white gel pen for additional snowflakes and whatever... I went over my "BE" in my believe so it would stand out better amongst my other stamped work. Lastly we thread the ribbons in and attatched the pin and artful word charm! Once again using dabbers to bring out the etched letters and numbers. Not bad eh? He was a smart allec and told us if we messed up one side for our class only there were two side to this tag! hehehehe I'm keeping my work as is!

Today is Friday and I am still pooped!

While Garrett is at school I decided to load my maya road box and my Christmas grunge book from the Tim Fest! The maya road box is sold with wonderful goodies inside then to recycle the box this is what we did with it: using gel medium apply old vintage empherema to the outside. The window was masked off while this process went on. Then once dry we simply used our faorite color distress ink to shabby it up a bit.
Next we moved on to the book which was made with grunge board and cosmo papers. We used the new bind it all from zutter which even I found easy!!!! We applies Tims crackle paint to the front pages of the grunge board and then rubbed distress ink inside and misted that with water and wiped! Excellent results! Added some appliances and the key hole the swival chain to the back side, and basically viola! More grunge designs to embellish and rubons which I never even had time to add yet. I really want a BIND-IT-ALL, and lucky for me they are opn sale this week at my stampin store too! As you can see from a side shot we also distressed every last page in the book atributing to greater "FATNESS"! Aother neat trick to use with Tims keys and imprinted hardwares is to take the Ranger dabbers and smoosh the paint into the imprints. next wipe dry with a paper towel and you'll see the words really clearly. Plus any color you want and Tim will be adding more colors soon as well. I think right now there are 42!
ps: Tim has this awesome lil hammer out too, I wasn't going to buy one until I saw and felt first hand what they can do. Man oh man I have one now. They are amazing, we used them to ditress the brads and the hammers was like a miracle worker it came out so neat! You who love texture and anything tactile will just have to buy one too!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Final Tim project post for tonight.

This was my favorite project. We made three domino pins and a frame to place them in for display! The frame was a simple cardboarded piece surrounded by a metalic looking ornate frame which I dyed with alcohol inks. The inside piece taken out and then altered with song paper, distress inks and little bits. I didn't use all my bits because I loved the picture and words I found in the old papers instead. Then we sewed on a button loosely with wire to hang our charms.
The charms were dominos a bit thinner then average domino's. Nicer for jewellry and Mario once again drilled holes into the bottome. First we used alcohol inks to make pretty backgrounds on the dominoes,then we used Tim Holtz stamps great for atc's and jewellry. Then we heat set the stamped marks. Tim also provided mica chips to seal the dominoes and we adhered those with gel medium. Next wrapped em in foil tape which had been oxidized with this awesome one step patina. I ordered me some today because I couldn't find any i this area. It's a fairly new product called just Black Patina. I ordered it through the Absolutely Everything store where the fest was held. An amazing place and great people work there too. One I have traded ATC's with her name is Terrie and the boss whose name is Kate a real great bunch a gals!!!!
We glued the charms on with glassy accents and attatched the bottoms with jump rings and I learned a new trick. I never knew there was such a thing as a jump ring ring but man I love it and just bought two. They are only a dollar ninety nine and well worth the cost. My hands shake and what a time saver and jump ring saver these neat little inventions were. Thanks Tim for all the new info!!!
We placed these neat pins that have an option for a pendant attatched to them as well. Later I added some words to the front of my dominoes.

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