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Friday, October 3, 2008

Last of my Holtz Holiday art!

This was called large wax canvas! Because we got to play with bees wax! This was really quite fun. First we used those dabbers again only instead of using them only with the tops we used them as globbing the paint on so we unscrewed the dabbers and poured the paint directly to the canvas surface. Fun fun fun! Then we used that gray foam again and smooshed it all around. I think I was the only one who use all the colors I did. Most people stuck with one monchrome. Not me mine looked like a Kandinsky to start out with. Then we used one of Tims Florish masks. Mine came out really unique because of all my colors I loved the results. Everybodies came out so nice though. Next we covered any part of the canvas we wanted to apply collage onto with bees wax. Then Tim gave us some neat holiday collage sheets and we cut them up and applied them directly to the canvas wherever we wanted them and then reapplied more wax on top to make them stick or adhere.
There were two special side tables set up for this project. One was for silver leafing the number 25, and the other was for alcohol inking whatever we chose to colorize. I did my chandeliers crystals and the wing and strip of clear plastic. All in browns as my colors were so diverse I wanted to unite my canvas with distressed colors of muted browns. I think it worked well too!
The snow we added on the tops was a genius combination od glossy accents and white utee. mixed up and while wearing gloves applying it straight onto the top of our canvases. I decided to make three icicles dripping off mine.
We did the grunge board letters and everyone also got to choose from a bucket of larger white plastic letters as well. For my plastic letters I chose "Born a baby", and for my grunge board which I dabbed in red I chose "He is Risen", all that I think the meaning of Christmas is really about. We usually sing Happy Birthday to Jesus first thing in the morning at breakfast time!
I asked Tim if I could replug in the beewax at the end to apply my deer, he said I could but it couldn't be done with grunge board. He was wrong! I do have a degree in fine art so I knew how to get this job done! hehehehe I applied hot waxunder the deer and while still hot and melted quickly adhered my deer and reapplied m,ore on top! See Tim nothing is impossible. Tim taught me something wonderful though that the only glue he knew that works to add embellishments ontop of wax is the glossy accents it works great so most of my embellishments are applied with that!
The large white snowflake is crackle painted and distressed inked on top. Then a water mister and wiped. There are ghost snowflakes Tim provided and stars and bells attacthed to the side. The wing was also attached with wire into a side drilled hole, again thanks to Mario. I would say Tims classes are well worth the time and travel if you ever have the opportunity jump!

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