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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ok here's anothr project from the Tim Holtz Holiday Fest!

Ok so this item was a neat light up dandy! Another Ikea but this time a box and Tims partner Mario drilled holes in the bottom for the lights to fit into. First we all painted one side of the outside to see what the paint felt like more dabbers but poured out and then smooshed across with this special white and gray foam Tim privides. So many uses for it . Then we painted the inside of the box but with a premade template covering up the window part because this paint is permenant. After the inside was painted we all went to an outside table where we pasted the entire inside with the golden gel medium then we dumped these awesome glass shards into that to make it appear as a winter wonderland. While that dried we painted the outside remanding sides. Then for the inside back piece we used old hymnal sheets. We adhered Tims metalic number 25 and also a neat december month calandar bit. I used part of a sprig as well. Got that idea from my new friend Ida!
Tim gave us blocks and other neat bits. I found a first intitial for one of each of my children and a wolf block which is very sentimental for my brother who passed on. He loved wolves and thought them to be spiritual beings. So each Christmas my mom, dad, or a sib usually finds something wolflike to give to each other in memory of Drew so this was a special experience for me to even find this block. What are the odds?
Tim also provided these really coolio porcelain dolls called Frozen Charlottes. The story goes something like this.... there was a very poor girl who lived in Siberia, and she had a boyfriend who bought her a beautiful ball gown so she could attend her first really big inmportant ball. On the way she so wanted her dress to remain perfect she refussed to drap a coat or anything over her gown in fear she would crease it. When she finally arrived at the ball she had fozen solid. The boyfriend also died from love sickness. Later in Germany they created these lovely dolls but if there were any imperfections they would throw the broken or irregular dolls out into the snow. Recently they have begun to do digs and uncover all these beautiful relics and have decided to name them frozen Charlottes after the love story. We got to buy them but Tim also provided one each for our winter wish boxes.
Speaking of wish the wish word was made of grunge board letters and then stickles were added to the top. This particular color (platinum) stickles actually will later distress which is why Tim chose this color for our project! When the stickles were dry we strung them and poked em through the side walls of the box with a drill hole on each side Mario also predrilled for us.
We used rubons for the tops sides and glass window. The window was also sprayed with something ahead of time called crystal something or other and it makes a really neat crystal effect. Gotta get me some of that later.
We were also provided with antique itty bitty ornaments and a beautiful lil Chrsitmas tree as well as a chanelle candy cane~ also vintage. This was an amazing class! Tim is a hoot!

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