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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Last final Tim project

From the Fest anyways! Tim sells these little minnie hangers and you can slip any word/s you want into the display window area. I distressed mine with ink and then put it easily together.
The hanging part is collaged empherema, a nice litle girl sitting on Santa's lap. Then some holly and the Dec. month off a tiny calendar. That neat printed 25 also distressed and then the German scrap paper, mustn't forget the music sheet vintage of coarse! Throw it all together with a glu stick then use Glossy accents for the large frragment on top to be attatched.
Again I just now added my own touches. The words on top of the fragment and the back I added a great piece of designer paper. It'll be a nice gift for my dad maybe! Since my name is Susan and that was the name of the girl in the movie Miracle on 34th Street, I thought it was a neat idea. Hope you can see the words!

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