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Friday, October 3, 2008

Today is Friday and I am still pooped!

While Garrett is at school I decided to load my maya road box and my Christmas grunge book from the Tim Fest! The maya road box is sold with wonderful goodies inside then to recycle the box this is what we did with it: using gel medium apply old vintage empherema to the outside. The window was masked off while this process went on. Then once dry we simply used our faorite color distress ink to shabby it up a bit.
Next we moved on to the book which was made with grunge board and cosmo papers. We used the new bind it all from zutter which even I found easy!!!! We applies Tims crackle paint to the front pages of the grunge board and then rubbed distress ink inside and misted that with water and wiped! Excellent results! Added some appliances and the key hole the swival chain to the back side, and basically viola! More grunge designs to embellish and rubons which I never even had time to add yet. I really want a BIND-IT-ALL, and lucky for me they are opn sale this week at my stampin store too! As you can see from a side shot we also distressed every last page in the book atributing to greater "FATNESS"! Aother neat trick to use with Tims keys and imprinted hardwares is to take the Ranger dabbers and smoosh the paint into the imprints. next wipe dry with a paper towel and you'll see the words really clearly. Plus any color you want and Tim will be adding more colors soon as well. I think right now there are 42!
ps: Tim has this awesome lil hammer out too, I wasn't going to buy one until I saw and felt first hand what they can do. Man oh man I have one now. They are amazing, we used them to ditress the brads and the hammers was like a miracle worker it came out so neat! You who love texture and anything tactile will just have to buy one too!!!!

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