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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fun day had by all! Plus contest winners!

Thanksgiving was great! We had appetizers, Turkey, stuffing, gravy, squash, potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, rolls, cranberry sauce, orange cranberry bread, cream cheese, wine , soda, apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate bars squares and pumpkin ewey gooey cake topped off with coffee! It was fun but we are stuffed and we gobbled till we wobbled!

The winner for my Thanksgiving giveaway contest are as follows! Number one: Katina, number two: Fae, Number three: Nancy JB, Number four: Barb Thomas, and Number five is: Jana! Congratulations you lucky Turkeys and thank you to everyone for playing and leaving comments! You all fill my life with artful joy and I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you! Huggles and Happy Thanksgiving. Now to start getting ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What did I do yesterday? Pie and more pies...

That's what! I made four pumpkin pies, and then with the leftovers with the kids I made cinnamon pinwheels! I used to love doing that with my moms! Coarse I ran out of sugar so had to use brown sugar, cinnamon, and confectionaires sugar instead. They came out more yummy then ever. Had to borrow two eggs from a neighboor too, so guess where one of the four pies will be going? Along with half a dozen eggs. I always replce what I borrow with a full container so noone can say I am a bad neighboor! Hopefully anyways the pie will sooth his savage beast! I made the mistake of having my DH shop for the ingrediants so came up short on eggs and sugar. Two of the pies are half sugar and half splenda. We ate some of one last night and it was really good according to my brude.
Today I will be making pumpkin soup and blueberry pies. It's good to make the soup a day before so the spices set in well! Yum I love pumpkin soup. My aunties recipee is the absolut best! It has become a family tradition now! Don't you just love a deliscious tradition. That and steamed pudding, but noone will make it for Thanksgiving so I'll have to wait unti, Christmas for my sister to make that. Hardly any of the family eats it, which is great in one way because I love it so more for me. Bad in another since noone likes making it! One day sister will have to teach me how to make the pudding and the hard and light sauces! Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to play in my blog contest! It's the entry right under this one!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today we made art together!

Garrett and I decorated his preschool paper feather tonight! As you can see we were in a relaxed mode. Molly loves her Garrett too! We decorated the paper feather with paint, a real turkey feather we found on our street, fiber, accorn caps and toothpicks! We are both so proud. Garrett can't wait to go to school tomorrow and show Miss Lorrain and Miss Pat his feather. All the children make one decorated paper feather and then the teachers put them on the board right above their lunch table!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finished my 14 ArtChix Valentines!

Wow finally I am finished with this. I had wanted to make these Valentines all along but never alotted any time for them. Oops! So I had to really squeeze them in two days before they were due. Every second I had to spend on them these past few days I did. This first one is good old Freda! I loved her with the monkey, and don't you think after all she Played hard like all us other artists and loved well? I do! See all my bright red scrap and the postage Rose for her hiness! The one below is one of my favorites, it has everything, lace, red German scrap and those wings I love, ArtChix postage, an Art Chix heart brad to match the 2d one on the feather postage and a neat cigar band from Collage stuff.

Now take a look at this one I title Courtship Courtesies! I got this really neat nostalgic book on ediqutte at the Still Good Shed in the dump , and it lended itself perfectly for Valentine backgrounds! Even the details in the words go so perfectly well with these cards! Here I used a transparensy from I think the Romance collection, all the other collage bits are Art Chix as well!

Loved playing with this background, see the words Charms to be Aquired? So I added a key hole and an Art Chix key through the pink German scrap! I had this outside of a hand made heart crochetted piece and with the loving couple this piece was a simple but beautiful statement. I sewed the edges of the inner and outter hearts as well~ You can't really see it here but I also embossed the edges with an antique EP!

Finally my ship came in! Thie piece is somewhat complicated but tells a neat little pictorial love story. The background was from Collage Stuff. Lisa sent me this old dictionary page with a ship on it and I knew it was a Valentine waiting to be made. The man and the little angle girl are ArtChix. She prayed for him all her life and he finally came to her from the ships at doc. Now they are eternally in love! The Star is sapossed to be Naval like. That was from a magazine jean comercial! Things I'll do at a doctors office! Then I used some Art Chix red scrap and a red scrap Lobster from elsewhere! Isn't that the coolest?

Forever and Always is the name of the Valentine below. I tried to juxtapose the best I could the Two lovers in center(ARTCHIX) with the two statuaries on the outside. I loved the effect! This is more collage bits from what Helga recommended and also Collage stuff too! I laced machine sewed and hand beaded this one!

I call this one I love you eternally. I tried putting eternally on the side with a clear label but it took away from this piece beauty and simplicity. So off it came and there it is. I LOVE SIMPLE SOMETIMES, AND IT AIN'T EASY FOR ME EITHER!! I used an old doiley, and more Art Chix collage bits, I cut around the edges of one og Helgas Blog sticker for the use of that beautifully coloured Poppy!

The background I this one called I love the Lord, is from an old hymnal! The Chix girl here and white scrap wings went perfectly I though. Another uncomplicated piece but well sated as a Valentine!

Chocalate for you! This piece is playful and all about the chocalate! Presenting and Art Chix Card, and two other Chix collage bits! The lady Bug, and faces all have a three d element of pevvles addes! So they Pop! There is plenty of red scrap and gold embossing! Some red and mustard distress from Tim Holtz as well for extra zing!

I really like this one but you have to look close not to miss the details. She is being told the ediquette of how to brush off an admirer after a date! hehehe We were she devils even back then! Gimmeee my chocolates,jewellry and a night out then buzz off buster. Or shall I say;" Au revoir, and that two step was very nice!!??"
This piece has some wonderful little rosee pedals a friend named Diane sent to me they are all around the edges , there is lace and bows, and a charm,pink scrap Victorian collage from Chix and a silly pink newspaper hat on the queen!

This one is titles Wedded Bliss! See the bride in her pantry with the angels imagining splendor, the wings on each of the marrital figures, which by the way are a chix transparency. The M is a collage bit from Chix, and you can see more pedals all around the edges. Topped off with a pink piece of German scrap! I sewed the edges here too then I ep'd them which melted the pedals ever so slightly. A nicce effect! A pebble over the "m" makes it charm like.

Valentines Day is Delish! So be mine baby and sevre me up a dish. A dish of Chocolate and hearts, some strawberries, lemonade. The background of this pice was all about what to serve at a proper party for young people. I use the lady from the EYES Chix collage because she looks to me like she is licking her lips. I used plenty of Pink scrap because to me that was so candy like. The minnie hearts are all metalic relief! The Chocolate lolly pop is Jolee's.

This piece is pretty Busy but it reminded me of the old hand made victorian Valentines day cards. Can you tell I adore Valentines day and thing about love and sweetness??? Well I do! I attatched the keys her with a piece of chain and a heart brad. Use red scrap wings, some romance collage bits I shrunk down like the queen of Hearts, don't miss the Valentine Chix postage either. I used red scrap around the entire edge and then gold ep to top that off!

This was my last piece for the Valentines swap! I see Helga's art in here and lots of her collage pieces too! Isn't it cheerfull? Make me think of joy and Happiness on Valentines day! How a spoiled women feels she has wiongs on that very day, until the sugar crash anyways! I beaded this piece too aren't the flowers in the little girls hair so cunnin?
I did some more Christmas shopping today while waiting on a prescription at thje drug store got some stocking stuffers too!
Then a Radio Shack treat, one of my sons has a Birthday 5 days after Christmas so I try to buy him one or two extra gifts, poor Christmas babys always seem to get neglected!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yeah I finished all my fat book pages today!

Here are some catch ups I needed to get done! Tomorrow I will despritely try to make my ArtChix Valentines, they are due to be posted on the 19th. Then I have to make some Retro Thanks Giving cards for the swap I am Hosting. Well I don't have to but I like to make my swappers a little giftie whenever I can.
This first ATC is for little Emillie it has been owed her for a while so I hope she likes it. The second ATC is for sweet Keron. I am mailing her package with a HH out on Monday!

This Train 4x4 is made for my good friend Nick Romaine. I sure hope it's good enough , he is one of the best painter I know. I love trading with the Nicksters!
This little Fairy is called a Dreidle Fairy! I made her for my friend Sharon. I like how she came out and she seems original too. I love being original. Have you ever seen a dreidle Fairy before ,now I ask ya????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I met with an old friend today!

I met with my old friend of 36 years today! His name is Ken and we brought all five of our combined children out to Applebees! His sons name is Toma and man that tiny boy can eat. Apparently he works out 20 hours a week as a gymnist and has a hollow leg with which to fill! His daughter Alena is so pretty and a lot of fun as well! Her and my Danny were having fun playing in the pine needles. We also went for a short walk and played basket ball a game called Horse.
It was nice seeing my friend as it had been quite a while since our last visit. Silly me I brought my camera and then was having so much fun I forgot to use it. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

Kenny is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life, I am so glad we are forever friends!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have been hearted and tagged!

Hooray! I Received a Blog Award (I Heart Your Blog)!I was thrilled to find out that I received the I Heart Your Blog award from Helga of ARTCHIX( of my favorite people who sells some of my favorite stuffs to art with!!!)
There are a few rules that go along with accepting this award:The winner can put the logo on her blog. Link to the person who nominated you for the award. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Put the links of these blogs on your own blog.
I would like to pass this award on to these inspiring blogs:1.Melinda of,
Be sure to go check out these amazing blogs!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Here are three of my four by fours!

The middle 4 x 4 is for my friend Corrinne, she asked for water towers! This one is from Glosgow Scotland!

The fairies are copies of originals. I decided not to draw my own and give them ones I chose that I loved from someone else. Although they are plently different from the actual fairies I copied I still like them. Now I just hope one of my friends will except the nude fairy because after I painted her I saw they both dislike nudes, URGH!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and the day after!

These are pics of my family! The first one is My husband Ron, sitting next to my little one who loves his pink socks! Then there's Andrew his cousin my brother Warren's child. In the background is my middle son Daniel.

This second picture is Andrew and Garrett looking at one of Aunties toy boxes!

Here in the black and white picture is my sister Kathi, my eldest son Seth and my beautiful mama!
That's Mom again with Garrett aren't they cute together?

Here is Garrett in his train conductors Halloween costume, I made him several patches and he chose the one he liked best. he wore a diferent one on Halloween then he did to visit his MIMI!

Here's my wild new Longaberger basket
I bought from my on line friend Megan Kuykendall. It's a beauty of a basket caudron all filled up with candy and witchy legs! hehehehe!!!! Hope everyone had a happy halloween we sure did!

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