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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today we made art together!

Garrett and I decorated his preschool paper feather tonight! As you can see we were in a relaxed mode. Molly loves her Garrett too! We decorated the paper feather with paint, a real turkey feather we found on our street, fiber, accorn caps and toothpicks! We are both so proud. Garrett can't wait to go to school tomorrow and show Miss Lorrain and Miss Pat his feather. All the children make one decorated paper feather and then the teachers put them on the board right above their lunch table!


Anonymous said...


Looks like Garrett is going to take after him Mom in the art department.

Mary Wilkins

quiltcrazygal said...

I love it! How wonderful to share such special time creating. I also love your valentines! They are just beautiful! Best wishes! Jenna Louise

Dragon Baby said...

You've been Tagged! Check out my blog :)

Kim said...

Aww! That's about the cutest photo ever lol , and his feather is AWESOME GOOD.
Plus it matches his pants - you just don't get cooler than that *S*.

Barb said...

What a cute picture!... Sanna, it seems no time since you were pregnant with this little cutie ..and look at him now!....we are all getting older tho',aren't we?

Iowa Sunshine said...

This is beautiful! He's going to take after his mom. Lucky boy! Maybe he'd like to make an atc and trade with me? =) HUGS

trisha too said...

what a CUTIE!!

ScaryCheri said...

oh how cute. the feather and Garrrett too, lol. What a neat idea.Isn't it fun doing art with kids. Arianna and I have been having fun making ornaments. They grow up so fast. Hugz, Scary

Anonymous said...

ahhh Garret looks so darn cute!
that is one big feather!

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