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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have to quit eating these treats I made for the Holidays!

Here are some pictures of us opening our gifts. I forgot to bring my camera over to my sisters house for their cellebrations but I did take some pics with my nieces camera so hopefully they will email some over to me soon!
We all had a great time including the cats and Molly! Molly got into a chocalate raindeer though and isn't feeling too well right now! Garrett is thouroughly enjoying his bath and food toys best of all, and as usual runs around the kitchen over and over with any and all his car toys! Driving everyone else a bit more bonkers then we already are but that's OK!
The big hits for the teens were the WII and the Play Station 2 because we couldn't afford Playstation three on top of the Wii and this happened to be the one our oldest asked for anyhow. Thank goodness!
We are going to Disney in January so that's part of the gifts anyways. They better be grateful because we have saved for four years. Gotta start packing for that trip soon. Made reservations last night for the shuttle service pickup and drop off. Man this is actually really going to happen. I think any how if we don't get a blizzard that week! God please no bad weather.
Had a great time at my sisters house too. She served appitizors of giant shrimps and cocktail sauces cheeses galore, deliscious beef stroganoff and several yummy salads, along with cresant rolls and butter, I even stole a few darling festive napkins for next years christmas collages!!! Pies and steam pudding for desert , along with my cookie platters, of which I left the extras for sis and her fam. Tomorrow is the cellebration at dads house and I have a whole seperate platter for them!
Don't miss the wonderful solo picture of me opening my tressure box from Dream. I will post more pictures of that later! It was a pure joy to open and oogle over, as was my cigar box from Judy Craig!!!
I think this was a best Christmas yet for the entire family!


Anonymous said...

How YUMMY your goodies look!!! I'm gonna try to get pics next time of my Truffles to post. We can both drool!! Your family reminds me of mine... the older teen with that that teen look and the younger ones all a grinnin! I am glad your Christmas was a happy one...i am also glad i am not the only one trying to recover still!
I hate these things that make you use some name and password i dont have. so... i am gonna uses Annonymous and put my info in here! My talets tend toward the creative rather than the logical! lol I CANT wait to see you opening the Sanna-Box i sent!! It makes my heart DANCE to know that you liked it!!!!

purplepaint said...

Sanna - You've been tagged!!! See my blog for details. Those cookies look absolutely awesome!!! I may have to make some! You know one of my cats looks exactly like yours?!!! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Marva

Melinda Cornish said...

aaaaawwwww...looks like fun too me and those cookies look good too! Melinda

Val Foster said...

Thanks for your emailed comment. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Your cookies look so yummy -- can I have some??? And going to Disney sounds like so much fun. Good for you.

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