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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yesterday was a Christmas cellebration at Dads!

We were all there me and my sis and bro and all our five kids. My dad , step mom and uncle Pete, oh and I must'n t forget Pooch and Lucy!

We had great digs, homemade chowder by my step mom Marci, and sandwiches with deli stuffs. I had a bunch of green olives too love those thangs! Marcia my SIL made a loverly salad and sister Kathi made a scrumptuous fruit crisp. I of coarse brought a huge plate of cookies for everyone to mow on which they did! Petey liked the almond bars alot so next year I will make a special plate of them just for him! Funny my nephew Andrew liked my hershey cookies but only the candy in the middles. So instead of putting them with the innards eaten out back onto the plate I TOLD HIM TO PUT THEM IN THE TRASH AFTER HE ATE THE CANDIES OUT. MY DAD CAUGHT HIM AND GARRETT DOING JUST THAT! Fast learners they are, hehehe!!!
Garrett is in a strange mode where he wants to try out everyones bathtub, so my step mom said he could have a bath. She's real nice to the kids. So he and Andrew had a Bath together... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh memories. So we got loads of pictures of them in the tub together. Can you guess which butt is whose?

This is Garrett for some reason he took off his pants and someone pointed that out to him suddenly he became modest and had to run back up stairs for his trousers! hahahaha
In the red and green here is Cousin Pete he strongly resembles Santa Clause! He is a brainiac and an original! A builder of satalites and a Masters in electronics.

Here's my step mom, she has been fighting cancer now for about four years. Her last major surgery was two weeks ago where they had to remove part of her intestine. Doesn't she look great! She is a real trooper my step mom. Makes a great corn chowder too!

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