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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today we went to Manchester!

I thought I was going for an eye exam but when I got there they said it was reschedualled for tomorrow, right after my dental appointment. I was so bummed because gas cost so much and it's a 40 minute trip. So I went to the dental clinic and asked if they could take me today. They actually had a cancellation miracle of miracles, and took me! So tomorrow I only have to have an eye exam and today was not a wasted trip. I took Seth and Garrett so tomorrow it'll be Danny and Garrett! Garrett always loves being with me but the teens hate going with their poor old mom these days! So I take one for babysitting and to prevent havoc at home! This way they are all happy.

I worked on a few APC's today but none are done yet so I am posting a journal page I made earlier this year!

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