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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love Saturdays!

I get to art and have fun because dh has to watch me wee one! I went for my walk/jog early to get it out of the way. I wanted dh to go to the pool with me but he hates the pool. So he agreed to walk instead! It's so much more fun with a partner! Then I came home changed my sheets and went to Hallmark to help Danny find a card for his friends bday party. He is doing a sleep over later! We got a funny hobbs card and then went to the toy store to fill a tiny bag up with goodies!
He begged me for silly puddy, do you all remember that stuff? I love stretching the comics!
So here is my One armed Cat Juggler I did for my friend Thom. Just found out his book made a best sellers list. Gonna have to go buy me one, it's a horror called: Sinister Landscapes, this is what Thom wrote..Greetings my children of shadow! I have a huge announcement to make, I'm still trying to believe thismyself. The book Sinister Landscapes, which has mywork in number 1 on the amazon best sellerslist!!!!!!!! Beating out two anthologies that include Stephen king and clive barker!! Have a great weekend all!!!!TgreaperThom

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