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Monday, August 11, 2008

I think Nh is turning into a tropical rain forest!

I am so tired of all this rain rain rain! Need more sunshine my tan is fading too fast, and soon Fall will be knocking at our doors. I am posting this canvas today because I will be sending it off to a friend. I did it a few months ago. It's made up of two inch x2" fabric twinchies. Place on an antique doiley which is atop of a wrapped canvas. All are pretty pastels and sweets. Embellished with charms, antique crystals, sparkling cardboard bits, beads, buttons, metal wand. fabricated stamps, sequins,tiny mirrors, goldened tree branches,appliques, ArtChix metalic roses, laces and even an old bra center! Some of the fabric transfers are of my drawings and others are collaged pieces I tranferred to fabric. The tea pots are 3d paper die cuts I purchased from the dollar bin at Micheals!This was originally supposed to be a sweet good bye to my sweet tooth, before my gastric bypass. Sad to say I still eat sweets, but never as much of anything as before. Down to 204 pounds today! Enjoy the viewing!

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