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Monday, August 18, 2008

This is me lately!

Feeling like I am seeing things only in fragments. Sometimes life seems so difficult because we can only see things in fragments. Feels like God is not taking care of us/me. But then I tell myself someday I will see things in full and everything will be clear!!! I know deep in my heart God is in controll of everything, even the sad issues will be made joyfull.
I had the strangest experience yesterday. A red bird was all wonky on my driveway chirping up a storm. Hopping all around like he had gone mad. I think something must have happened to his wife. Each night he would call her at days end and they would fly off to bed together. This was mid day though, and not his usual behavoir at all. I went outside and watched him for a while then he saw me and flew off.
On my jog I found a partridge feather and decided it was beautiful so I thought if I kept my eyes on the ground I might find more , but nay! When I reached the edge of my own property on return there he was my sweet but very dead little red bird.
I am not sure if maybe he was ill but I highly suspect he was misserable because something happened to his life mate. She was no where to be seen. I think he may have flown into a car or died from sorrow. I put him in my freezer because I simply cannot part with his beauty yet. I know this is weird but I am hoping to taxydermy him or at least take any salvageable parts and make a work of art out of him. He has given me so much spiritual joy. I am grateful I was honored to see and be a part of this last song and dance of the Red Bird.

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