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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Halloween Queen needed better poses!

I finished my Halloween Queen. She needed a little extra work! Partly because my kitten took her in the night and used her as a new chew toy, or shall I say suckling bubba!
Ever since he was very little he has had a wool bed and whenever he gets into it he suckles on the side. It's really cute, and pretty hillarious.
One day when I was felting a project he attacked it with full suckling powers! I asked the vet about it and he said since wool reminds him of his mother anything he finds made from raw wool he will use as his mamas tits!
So Angie I hope you'll like your new "Cat Toy"! Seriously he sucked on the hair so I had to add more green glass beads to make them stand out. Plus I added a nice loop to the back for hanging, and attatched a large safety pin. You could add a smaller one if you like though since the loop is interchangeable. I like the pin showing so I used the very large type. It was fun shopping for this dolls colors, beads, button and fabric designs!
Looks like it may rain which would be great since the garden are now drying up. Our cucumbers look like tiny tortured beach balls with tails and the tomatoe planbt have one large tomatoe each! Guess this will be my Dh's last year for having the garden to himself. He is so neglectful which is ashamed because a garden takes money and one usually wants some fruits to show for it! Look out next year mama is taking over again for the first time in five years!
I should take pictures of this years for proof of who has the greener and blacker thumbs!

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