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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I painted some pictures today!

I was feeling better so I was able to actually get out of bed and paint!
This is my self portrait for the backs of the pages in the fat book I am doing for the Fine Arts group! I like how it came out. I think it looks like me but my DH says it doesn't. Aaaah what does he know anyways I have seen me years longer then he has!
Then I painted this little atc, I named it Goodnight Solo Mio! Because he is her only baby! I sanded the edges to bring out the white from the nighttime. Usually I ink my edges, or ep them.
Took two walks today and basically walked four miles. Garrett and Dh walked the second one. Dh and I have been walking alone everyday. I really love our alone time together haven't had that for like 15 years! We sure need it.
The hurricane Gustave has started to hit, and I am in prayer for the people who live in that area. God bless them all.

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