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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am so confused!

I decided to make a second set of journal pages for Debby. I wasn't at all satisfied with the first set. Even though these are witchy they are way more my style and were more fun for me to make. It was difficult for me to do black and white with women from the past for some reason. I am pleased with this set hope Deb likes em!
I missed my sons doctors appointment today and went on Tuesday when I didn't even have an appointment. When will I ever get my head on straight? Never I guess since I been like this my entire lifetime. I swear all week long I looked at my calendar everyday and said to myself I wont forget this appointment, I wont forget. Even saw it this am, but when appointment time rolled around it just slipped my mind. I hope they wont charge us for a no show. so dyslexic and ADHD I think they really need to make an exception and call me ahead of my/our appointment time. They usually do for my appointments. Guess I need to request it for all of the appointments I need to be responsible for keeping. It's really terrible I still have these wicked dreams that I am in college and somehow an entire semester goes by and I have missed all my classes and grades are coming due, it's so stressfull!
Just got off the phone with my mom. She is still in the hospital and tomorrow they are going to operate on her foot and lance and pack the infection. It just isn't reponding quickly enough to the antibiotics. Poor mama, please pray for my Carol Louise!!

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