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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dirty City

I did this lil painting for the finearts group, for Taxas Judy! Not sure how I really feel about the outcome yet.
I will be going into the dirty city tomorrow to visit my mother in the hospital. She wants an iced coffie and an orange cranberry muffin, so that she will have. She also mentioned some one pound weights so I may go to the new sports store on the way and try to find some for her. Might cheer her up a bit. Her hospital stay has been long and isn't over yet so anything to brighten her day!
This rain isn't gonna cut it!
I am also working on some Halloween cigar boxes. I will be doing a how to vedio on a doll next week, God willing!
The boxes I am making are for the dolls. Will post one when I am done.

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