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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ok one more for today, it's my last itty bity this round!

I call it Snake Between the Cacti! It's from a picture I googled the person asked for a southwestern theme. Hope this does the trick!

I found a bird nest today!

Yes I found a bird nest tonight on my walk with DH!
It's only a little one so I can either use it on this years Christmas tree or as a neat piece in an altered art work. Not sure which it'll be yet. I always like to add a new nest every year to my tree so if I don't find another on the ground that will be it!
This canvas is still in the making but I am on stage three in a multi layered canvas collage class I am taking online. I think I like the way it's turning out. Now to decide how I will complete it, with a painted image or with a premade image? Plus I have secret pieces to put on it as well. Stay tuned for the next 4 stages!

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