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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I finally finished my color swap kit, and my mama Blue Bird!

Hope everyone will like my orange and Blues! Especially Helga because hers are awesome! I hand sewed all of mine(well with the machine) so another words they are all originals! I did free motion sewing for the moons faces and for the spiders webs too! The spiders are from sequence I bought from Collage Stuff, everyone gets a spider of their own as well!! I bought all these pretty papers as my stash isn't as big as some. The face on my Halloween Zetti witch is from ArtChix! I thought about giving her bloody fangs but then thought better as not sure all would appreciate bloody art work! Maybe I'll just do that to mine? The little glittered foam pumkin I drew some faces on with black gel pen. I was thinking of calling the card circles and triangles or the three faces of evil but decided Boo Moon was best because the colors are orange and Blue ... get it? Boo Moon instead of Blue Moon??? I like how they came out but not sure all the players will like my extra large embellishment I used over the Boo Moon words? I think I need to paint lil' tiny blue cats in the lower left corners to better balance the card too, don't want to over do it though? Maybe I will or maybe I won't.

I also added a real buterfly to my mixed media collage pic and have so many more plans before its' all finished. Hope it turns out well! I really love it so far!

Oh and I forgot to mention, half way through making my atcs for the color swap I realized I needed more blue stars! Everyone gets three of those too but they won't all be the same and that is why. I never made it to Joanns where I originally bought them. Instead I went to Micheals, AC Moores, and Bob's(for new shoes). The shoes were sapossed to be for Garrett but I got three pairs for me too! My bunoins are so big now I had to do something. Got some nice comfy Sketchers too! Plus a pair of wedge high heel Mudds. Boy do they bring me back to the 70's! They hurt my feet alittle but after the bunoins come off they will be awesome, whenever that is???
Now I have to read all my emails and get to finishing up my itty bitties sealing them up with HH'S and make a few HH's to send with them as well. All that before I go to bed tonight, then tomorrow it's on to Christine's journal page!

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