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Monday, September 22, 2008

Got some important artwork done today.

Never enough though! I got all my Itty Bitties enveloped addressed and ready to rock and roll to the post tomorrow am! Plus each player got one of the HH's I been hoarding and to top that off I made my own HH's one for each of you! Aren't you lucky ??? Well I am excited and have become jealous of everybody elses, I know they will be great when they come home but totally different then anything I exspect. That's half the fun of it is seeing the creative surprise!

Ok and I worked on my large mixed media painting again. My 13 year old son Danny said I ruined it but I don't think I did. Tonight I worked on adding the girl and the nest and tomorrow I will be adding some more texture on top of the cheesecloth I already added to that nest! I am still loving this piece. I will attach a neat twig tomoorow. Plus I am thinking some velvetine leaves!
Oh and here it is so far and also in black and white!!!!!

I think I may have a contest on my blog for the title of this piece. Now what to give to the winner?

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