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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Added that twig!

Oh and another dragonfly my son had caught for me earlier in the summer! I used E 6000 for adhering that twig and weighted it down with bricks while it dried. Then I painted the twig to match my painting and finally sealed it with a mat heavey gel medium. Next I will add the velvet leaves! So keep coming up with those titles I am loving so many of them!
I also worked on some charms for the birdie charm swap I am working on. I finished 13 of them. I always make myself one from each set and today I made one for my friend Melinda as well.
I plan on making three more sets before I post them. I have had months and why I wait until the last moment is besides me? I do have them all planned out though . Have all the beads and birds and bamboo tiles and stamps all bought and ready to produce! That's more the half the effort having everything ready to rock , roll and create!
I haven't been around too much today because instead of walking I passed out for 4 hours! Man I really have to walk tomorrow because over the weekend Julie said she wont walk with me, her hip hurts! But man we are gonna have a balast at Tims Holiday Art Fest!

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