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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been busy making these dolls!

This Fall has been beautious though. I have really felt like the trees and winding roads are a three demenisional dream! Has anyone else ever noticed the third demension in a new way. Lately I have really been paying attention to layers and levels and plains in nature/like when I am driving down the road. I look at the reflection on the glass windshield, then maybe a set of crows as they fly out of the road and next a close up tree in bright reds and orange hues, with the greener trees in the background and behind them a forest. I imagine them all as a painting or my next drawing. Maybe some of you already have done this forever and yes I have too but there is something different this fall. Something new going on in my artists minds eye. When I am finally caught up and ready to draw and paint again it'll be interesting to see what impact this may have upon my skills.
Here's a cute picture of my youngest Garrett and his best cat Grayson. The night I took this picture I dreamt the two became one. I gave birth to a human boy and eventually he became this cat! It was so odd I had to send the cat to kindergarden to learn his ABC's and 123's ,but was sad because cat's lives are shorter generally then humans!
My mom had her bandage off yesterday and her foot has gotten much better from the antibiotic beads and removal of the infected bone. Now I need more prayer for her to continue to do well as she has 4 more weeks in rehab on those strong antibiotics for the treatment of the MRSA. plus her DH has been having chest pains the doctors think it's just pain from the stints he had put in a little over a month ago. Let's all hope so!

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