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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I finished Cynthia McMath's journal page today!

Hope you like it Cindy! I know we have never met in person but if I could have all my real friends at one party I would deffinetely want you there!

I made this little envelope because I knew it had to be an invitation since your theme was friendship , and I would love to meet my sweet on line friends one day! Plus I found the perfect sterioview card for this friendship theme. I am not sure what the young girl has in her hands but my guess is a dog bone and a cat toy! Either that or a cup and a jug for drinks! You will have to use your imagination! Isn't it the sweetest picture though? I think those are Art Chix glasses from one of Helgas transparency sheets!

Hope the embellishments aren't too cutsie or goddy /godawful. I thought they made this piece more cheery and fun hope you ldo too! I don't usually like plastic crap but I bought these just for your piece!
Had to try the vellum with print twice because the first time it was too light and buckled with the gel medium. Second try I used fab tac and sewed the edges! I like how the lace adds to a sweet and little girly look. I also tried my de mask and behind the masking design if you can't tell is more cupcake paper! Topped off with balloons. Every party needs a few ballons right?

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