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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I finished my calendar pager for alteredheads today!

I signed up to make a calendar page for one of my groups and chose January. I usually prefer to do Fb. but this was fun too! I started with a blue polkadotted fabric background and added from there. I found a neat old childrens book at the still good shed in the dump that's where I got my side pictures from. Neat inspiration! Then the center picture is from the Art Chix collage sheet called Happy Hour! Love Helga's stuff!
I added two layers of lace some free motion sewing and tons of clock faces! I found a great deal on watch parts about two years ago at an antique shoppe. A hugs bag for 30 bucks. Some Jolees bits too I have had for a few years and have been dieing to use up! Then used my label maker and sewed the words "Make It Count" on for balance and good measure!!! The final touch were the blue beads. Hope everyon likes it. I will go to Kinkos and make 13 copies for the calendar and get these sent out this week!
I will go to Kinkos on my way to the second hand childrens clothing store. Hope I can find a neat pair of overalls for Garrett for Halloween. I decided 25 dollars was too much for a storm trooper costume and so we only got the Thomas choo choo train trick or treat candy holder, and I decided since we already have a conductors hat that's what Garrett will be. He was thrilled with that too even though he would have rather been a Storm Trooper. I think those are ugly anyways! He will be more unique as a Train Engeneer! Way more cute too!!! I hate when kids have their faces covered on Halloween. It makes it harder for them to see and more dangerous with passing cars when they are out collecting candy. Plus I really love to see their sweet little faces! This year we are going to a friends haunted house! They will have lights on for the little ones, so shouldn't be too scary!
Tomorrow and for the rest of the week I will be working really diligently on my fat book fine art pages for my gang!

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