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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and the day after!

These are pics of my family! The first one is My husband Ron, sitting next to my little one who loves his pink socks! Then there's Andrew his cousin my brother Warren's child. In the background is my middle son Daniel.

This second picture is Andrew and Garrett looking at one of Aunties toy boxes!

Here in the black and white picture is my sister Kathi, my eldest son Seth and my beautiful mama!
That's Mom again with Garrett aren't they cute together?

Here is Garrett in his train conductors Halloween costume, I made him several patches and he chose the one he liked best. he wore a diferent one on Halloween then he did to visit his MIMI!

Here's my wild new Longaberger basket
I bought from my on line friend Megan Kuykendall. It's a beauty of a basket caudron all filled up with candy and witchy legs! hehehehe!!!! Hope everyone had a happy halloween we sure did!

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