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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yeah I finished all my fat book pages today!

Here are some catch ups I needed to get done! Tomorrow I will despritely try to make my ArtChix Valentines, they are due to be posted on the 19th. Then I have to make some Retro Thanks Giving cards for the swap I am Hosting. Well I don't have to but I like to make my swappers a little giftie whenever I can.
This first ATC is for little Emillie it has been owed her for a while so I hope she likes it. The second ATC is for sweet Keron. I am mailing her package with a HH out on Monday!

This Train 4x4 is made for my good friend Nick Romaine. I sure hope it's good enough , he is one of the best painter I know. I love trading with the Nicksters!
This little Fairy is called a Dreidle Fairy! I made her for my friend Sharon. I like how she came out and she seems original too. I love being original. Have you ever seen a dreidle Fairy before ,now I ask ya????

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