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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What did I do yesterday? Pie and more pies...

That's what! I made four pumpkin pies, and then with the leftovers with the kids I made cinnamon pinwheels! I used to love doing that with my moms! Coarse I ran out of sugar so had to use brown sugar, cinnamon, and confectionaires sugar instead. They came out more yummy then ever. Had to borrow two eggs from a neighboor too, so guess where one of the four pies will be going? Along with half a dozen eggs. I always replce what I borrow with a full container so noone can say I am a bad neighboor! Hopefully anyways the pie will sooth his savage beast! I made the mistake of having my DH shop for the ingrediants so came up short on eggs and sugar. Two of the pies are half sugar and half splenda. We ate some of one last night and it was really good according to my brude.
Today I will be making pumpkin soup and blueberry pies. It's good to make the soup a day before so the spices set in well! Yum I love pumpkin soup. My aunties recipee is the absolut best! It has become a family tradition now! Don't you just love a deliscious tradition. That and steamed pudding, but noone will make it for Thanksgiving so I'll have to wait unti, Christmas for my sister to make that. Hardly any of the family eats it, which is great in one way because I love it so more for me. Bad in another since noone likes making it! One day sister will have to teach me how to make the pudding and the hard and light sauces! Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to play in my blog contest! It's the entry right under this one!

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