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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We were ice bound! Four days of no internet...

So what did I do? Well I finished my journal pages for Pam Barnes! I sure hope she likes the way they came out as much as I did. I did a ton of hand made sewing and painting etc in them! The tags are attatched and I will be mailing it out to her tomorrow!
I started and finished 40 Christmas cards. Went shopping at the malls for Christmas gifts, and many other places. Still haven't been able to find a Santa bath time sponge for my four year older Garrett though.
I finished and sent out my secret sister cigar box! Hope my secret sister likes it. I forgot to take pictures but it came out really well too! I am dieing to see what my sister thinks!
I mailed a package out to one of my frineds Melinda and to another friend Mary!
I went for walks in the ice storm heard trees and branches falling everywhere but got some excellent photos. DON'T GET COLD VIEWING THEM THEY ARE PRETTY CHILLIN!
I also got a few great Christmas shots of my kids, and a few of my pets! So even though I was going a bit stir crazy I got a lot done. All my gifts are even wrapped and ready for the 25th. I now have over one thousand emails to read. I am going to submitt some of my photos to the new station. Then it's off to making more art, and yes with light and heat and everything! Yehaaa and praise THE LORD for power!

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