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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finally did some artwork!

I only needed to make one of these 4x4 wrapped canvases for this swap I am in but I wanted to make one extra for the host and the other two are for other reasons.
One will be for a blog giveaway. Haven't decided for sure what I will do with the other, but I am in love with the psalm one so I'll either keep it for myself or give it to someone very special!

If you look closely you will see all the love that went into each one of these special valentines. They are multilayered and mulitmedia. Tissue papers, modelling paste, lumineers, acrylic, distress crackle ,inks and paints.
Special sayings, fibers, laces, real dried flowers,charms, and sequence. What else could a Valentine want?

I call this one Love is a Rose. It's for a 4x4 Valentine collage swap for Danielle Muller"s group! Loads of talented peeps there.


Val Foster said...

I love these art pieces, they are special and beautiful. I'm so glad you made some art, I can so relate to dry times and hard times. It's always so refreshing and regenerating to get back to making art -- at least for me it is. Kudos to you. I wish for you hope and peace and lots of art making. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

SAnna-Friend~ Plese forgive the use of the'annonymous' function on this thing. I wanted to tell you how gorgeous your new work is! the green one is especially nice to me. i REALLY hopr you arent in pain much longer with your syrgery... those pics are funny! :)
i am SO GLAD i didnt let anyone take pics of me...i think everyone was afeared to even TALK to me! i am looking forward delving into whatever you send to me! Your work is a true inspiration to me and i am proud to be friends with such a talented artist! May the MUJSE be good to us all!!! many hugs to you!

Anonymous said...


Love your new pieces. They are gorgeous. All the layers are beautiful! I hope you are recovering well from surgery, and let me know what blog giveaway yo do because I definitely want a chance at one of these!
-elizabeth l.

quiltcrazygal said...

Wonderful art as always. You work is such an inspiration. I'm excited I made some embroidery ATC's for the group and will post them tomorrow. Thanks again for inviting me to join, I love it. Jenna Louise

Melinda Cornish said...

these are all great and I love them...i havent heard from you and got worried...Where you been gf?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Just had to pause and have a look around your blog. Your header is super! All of your valentine canvases are so awesome. Your Psalm canvas is so powerful and beautiful, it goes straight to the heart!

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