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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garrett had his last day of Pre K!

So here's Garrett hugging his teacher goodbye. Garrett is going to miss this daycare. It's the only one he's ever known. It's called Little Arrows Daycare and it's a Christian based teaching which my husband and I really have loved our selves over the years. All three of our children went here and they all learned many good things about God and reading.

Miss Pat was great she was strict but really loves the kids at the same time. A nice lady with a great sense of humor and she really loved our Garrett. One could tell because Garrett loved her back. Miss Pat does foster care too whenever she's not at work always has she just can't get enough kids I guess. Garrett and I saw her the other day at our dentist too, Garrett was so excited to see his friend there. Miss Pat knows our dentist from her church she says he's a decon there. The dentist is so funny he looks just like and sound exactly like Al from Home Improvements funny thing is he name is Doctor Wilson like their neighbor. What a way to confuse and dyslexic!

The little girl with the glasses is name Shaley and real sweetheart! I always wanted to call her Shelby for some reason. I finally get her name and we have to leave, such is life.

These little boys became endeared to Garrett and he called them his dudes! They called him their dudes too. I think it started out that way because they couldn't remember each others name but then it was deffinetely a term of endearment and affection.

This is Garrett with his Joey and little paper Kangaroo they would always put on a board so everyone would know they were there and as a way to start learning name recognition! Garrett wasn't ever gonna leave without his Joey! How about a group hug I said????????

Look at my little stinker holding his nose? I wonder who he thought was smelly all of em or a girl?

Here he is saying me you want me to hug everyone!

Here are Sulli and Andrew, two of Garretts favs!

Isn't that little girl adorable, she reminds me of Darla of the Little Rascles!

Lunch time Garrett never ate lunch there as he was only there three half days a week. One time I had a doctors appointment and he loved eating with his friends!

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