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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hoops and Yoyo's last trip before being sent off to Tamara! But first my latest piece...

Here's my latest mixed mega mixed media collage piece before I added some stamped images and black ep's!

Now after and the black really makes it pop. I think it saves the piece. I really had a good time making this. I used old pages from an antique bird book and that was only after a years worth of flower pressing and then stretching my own canvas, after sewing the artchic fabric transfer to it's center. Now she has a party hat and throughout this entire piece yellow and orange polkadots. Cut paper and painted bits. The little bird houses are from wrapping paper Helga Strauss sent me for my bday from her trip to Paris! The Leopard is also from Helga it's a piece of Victorian scrap and just makes the piece!
There are some tissue stamped images a nother friend sent to me I loved applying to the piece a s well! I added some German scrap and some crystal bling, some metal angels and Magenta bits!
Even Krylon pen in 18 Karat gold!

Some inchie clear bird stamps and other bird type stamps I've collected from Lisa Bushes site! Bottons sewn on some odd ones and some not so odd.

Can you see the real daisies and pansies all peeking through?

It needs just the right place to hang and be loved in a home who likes golds and yellows and mixed motched media!

Hoops and Yoyo looked up from their chair, they were a bit afraid!

The assistants at my oral surgeon knew just how to calm their nerves! She dressed them and they got even more afraid and jumped up onto the light! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

Instead of the mask working as it should it became a piddle puddle preventor!

In the end I was comforted by the Hoops and Yoyo team. My absessed tooth is out and healing up nicely for an implant. Good thing my oral surgeon is a hot Iranian! Hoops and Yoyo thought so too! He even helicopters up to mountain tops and skis down. Maybe Hoops and Yoyo can go do that with him one day!

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