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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something I made for my ArtChix artist or the month!


I actually love how this one came out! Thanks so much to Helga one of my greates mentors! Man that woman can collage! I made this from inspiration from Helga too as she recently went to Paris, amsterdam too that lucky chic!

First I tried one of Helgas newest challenges of placing old reciepts all ove the surface of my canvas. Then I used some magazines I bought from collage stuff, with all kinds of styles and art Neaveau ladies dresses and face from like the 50's! They come through a bit on the finished piece too because I loved that look. So thatnks to Lisa Bush too and all her great shopping.
Next step I painted the entire piece lightly with white gesson and a light blue acrylic paint.
Then I arranged all my twinchies inchies a few odd shapes and my lazor cut eiffle tower. Bought that a while back now I wish I have more of them! Then my next step was griding it all off another of Helga's challenges. For this I also took Helgas favorite technique of using watercolor crayons. I used blues and red thus the title Rosa et Bleu. Finalizing the grid part with black water color pencil. I was lovong this piece with every step more and more and I was really praying to God it would come out well!
I then sprayed the entire piece with fixative and reworked any blurring with my crayons and pencil.
I added a few real 3 d antique buttons all around at different intervals mostly on the sides top and bottom, a few to intigrate the bopttom French ArtChix collage bit.
Finally I added some neat rubons with French letters and words! Isn't it neat! Don't know if I'll be able to part with this one even my family loves it!

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