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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday I went to my cousins wedding shower with Hoops and Yoyo!

Yes my relatives already know I am crazy so showing up at the weding shower with Hoops and Yoyo was not a huge surprise to anyone! When I explained why they seemd to go with the flow!
Here are the bride and groom kissing with the new pillow, the other side says not tonight!
On the right are my Aunt and her soon to be married daughter Heather, I really love them both!

Here is Heather in her bow and ribbon hat. Made with all her package ribbon by Harriet.

Here are three of 5 of Heathers beautiful brides maids and her Junior bridesmaid my niece Harriet. Everyone knows them as me and Minni me and they've been so close since day one.

More brides maids picture at the opening of the gifts! She had a wonderful bounty of goodies. They also read wonderful nostalgic memories and people left little notes to write marriage advice and recipe cards! My advice was to have separate bedrooms!

This is the groom and his sweet adorable mom. Everyone really loves her too isn't that a plus and a half! A sweet mother in law how can Heather go wrong?

This is Heather soon to be new step mother in law.She was very creative and made a wonderful basket of beach goodies to go to a winner of the sea shell guessing game.Even I wanted to win that basket! My cousin Lynn won though and I was so glad she did.

Here are two of Heather very sweet girl friends. They were all so friendly and kind. They all really loved Heather she has been a good friend!

Here is my sweet niece! Isn't she adorable!!!

She will make a beautiful bride one day too! Hope I get invited to her wedding!

OK now who's the bride anyways? I just couldn't resist taking pictures of my little cutie!

Here is a picture of My aunt and her daughter the bride and my aunts husband sister and her daughter all really sweet women, a great shot of the four of them! Wish it was a little more clear!

This next picture is three of the brides maids! They were so great to pose all day for me and everyone else.

This is a picture of my Auntie Joanie! My grandmothers sisters daughter and my cousin Heather at the cake table.

Heather and Harriet.

Heather and her sweetie pie friend Helaina..

My darling gourgous Mother!

Here's Heather with my cousin Adams wife, her name is Robin and I really like and love her! I sure missed seeing thier son Preston though. He is a mild mannored cutest kid ever. reminds me of my Danny when he was two and a half. I really enjoy when kids are around! I think kids always make things more fun. No kids at this party though, didn't want to corrupt them with all those neglitias!!

Here are Hoops and Yoyo at the desert table!
I took one of Yoyo alone because after all it was a bridal shower girls only. Noone complained about Hoops though as long as he was low key! hehehe

Here's Yoyo she is feeling a little small in this chair but after a while she made friends with everyone!!!
This is the happy little couple at the salad table. Yum!
Great time had by all!! Good luck Heather and Mike!

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