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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New 6x8 Inch quilties!

These quilties are each 8x6" 's. I made one for the quiltie group, one for a friend on Lost Art Creations, and a third for myself which was inspired by church. Yes folks we finally went back to church after 12 years of non attendance.
The sermon was about How nothing is possible with out Christ and how through Him all things are. Hense "fly to Jesus, and be free!"
Each one of these quilties has a beautiful but expensive background which I free motion sticthed around the borders of the purple and green edges. Then I added some collage bits which were transferred onto fabric. I used some collage stuff from Lost Art Creations and turned those into transparencies. Sew ed those on too. Added some Art Chix bits. Did some felting with my Baby Lock embellisher, and added beads and bobbles.
My favorite in the Jesus inspired one but then the other are kind of tied. Hope my recipiants like em!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here are the cards I made for Caryl. Some are covers and others speak for them selves.

The filled box before it's addressed and the old Disney book!

I got stuck with the letters G,U, and N! HEHEHE So decided to have fun with that theme!

This page was the back of the remember me when I am old and shriveled page! See she is pushing up daisies 6 ft under and all!

This was one of her last pages. Since she is turning 50 I thought the poem was a perfect wrap up, although I did add a number 51 made by Gina Wise for good luck, and an end cover by Gina as well.

I had to make some extra cards for the ones that were not taken or for the people that were not or did not come through for one reason or another. Somehow the letters G,U, AND N were not such big sellers. So I made the word Gun out of them and put little charms on the bottoms of each one so one day Caryl will see the connection and why they all had guns on them. Took me forever to find just the right gun for each page. I didn't want them to be at all violent, imagine guns without violence? Well I can. So she shoots up the town, unlocks the safety and never surrenders. Coarse while all this is going on there are cute baby's and Happy Birthday words shooting out of the gun! Rabbits jumping out of her hats, and holes going through cupcakes. All just a wild birthday time!

As you can see one of the backs to my gun theme and she is saying Make my day a perfect rub on for a John Wayne fan with a sweet bunny of a friend! hehehe

Then here another GUN back saying she is a real piece of work. Not sure if everyone caught this but Caryl will sure have a lot to figure out! On the front I have a part of the cigar band then on the back the other half made into a birthday punching clown with it's arm around me and my wee one!

This weirdo Zetti is only the back of my friend Gina's card. She sent me loads of extras and I had to do the backs it was so much fun actually. I had several very generous lady's make extras. This enabled me to make fronts and backs and extras for Caryl. She was spoiled by the entire group! Another few who made extras were Gena Boon Curtis and Rachelle Lawson. All the cards were so amazing though! Not a one in the bunch I wouldn't mind getting myself should I make it to the ripe old age of 50! LOL! Not so far away so I sure hope I do make it! Remember when 35 was ancient and now 50 sounds so young to me!

Heck 80 sounds younger everyday! The generation gap I once held between my parents and myself is quickly dwindled down to nothing. Then I think of how much greater a gap there will be for my youngest and the DH and me. 42 years of difference unlike my parents which was only a 23 year difference. Right now my lil Garrett feels no gap only love and admiration! Don't cha just love 5 year olders. Not like those smelly teens of mine, hehehe. Gotta love em though because their hearts are so wonderful. My kids are actually so much better then I was at their ages! The 70' were experimental times for many of us. My kids are nerds and I like it this way!

Now for the packaging of Caryl's box and all of her goodies we all made and packed in for her. Not to forget all the color swaps we included her in, it was a bi monthly swap between eleven of us. All Helga's idea and what a great idea it was so Caryl could be spoiled even more. Each swap we all traded certain colors and hand made items of those colors like ATC's or book marks even some charms and pendants were exchanged. These ladies are so talented the never ceased to amaze me. I know Caryl was so overwhelmed with joy she called me sobbing. Gotta love the Boobler!

Look at how I was able to stuff each cigar box with beautiful envelopes and creepy stuff to keep the Halloween theme and little Zetti baby's going!

Some ladies always had great presentation. I was going to wrap everything but time became of the essence and guess what.... the cigar boxes had to make due as is! Aren't I the lazy procrastinator!

But check it out the one through 50 numbers booklets(which by the way were my first coil binding effort) fit perfectly into one side of the creepy altered doll Halloween box. I didn't take a picture but the ABC box I neatly placed inside of a Hallmark black and white polka dotted box complete with pretty ribbon and all!

Oh I had so much fun getting Caryl little things throughout the year like this old Disney book. She is a complete Disney follower, goes every year to Disney so this was perfect for her and I think she will love having collage fun with the old images. I got it so she could rip it up and collage with it but not sure she will?

I also got her this neat Baby book with a CD but I kept the CD part. See how stingy I can be, it was a hard choice deciding if she should get the book or the CD but I wasn't even sure if she would use the CD. Not sure if I will either but maybe one day I will need to make another baby book or else learn to do graphic one day! A huge dream of mine is to take some classes related to this endeavour!

Here I show a picture of a wonderful Egyptian book with real writing of their lettering and great prints too! Hard to part with but Caryl also loves Egyptian art. Funny how we learn so much about our on line GF's!
Here's the babydoll Mary Wilkins sent in for Caryl! Caryl had a funny story to tell me after she received her pressies! She said her and her sister have been exchanging and hiding plastic bay's for years! They hide em in their ice cubes and clear shampoo and all around the house inside purses whatever. Isn't that hilarious? Quirky and fun too! I wish my sister would hide plastic baby's with me! Michelle Dashelle sent in most of those tiny plastic baby's and she was another one who sent in extra cards too!

Look at some of the cards and packages Helga Strauss of ARTCHIX sent in ,always a pleasure to be the receiver of her goodies, and she is so generous! Play in her swaps whenever you get the chance she is awesome!I had been saving this Red Hatted Beannie Baby for just the perfect occasion, and guess what? This was it, and Caryl said she loved it!!!!

Marys baby got her own cigar box! I had to fumigate it first as it smelled like acid cigars! So I used some Hallmark candle, and some of my own garden herbs. See all this behind the scene work, LOL! That box smell devinne now! Another way to get rid of cigar smells and such is a rolled up piece of newspaper really absorbs the stinks!

More Halloween goodies and awesome envies full of thrilling goodies!

Heads will roll but not in this cigar box! Just a zip lock baggie filled with more goodies from a bunch of Caryl's buds! These Halloween props will be great for altered art if Caryl so desires, or she can just put em out during the festivities! BOO!

Look at all the amazing card and see the love peeps put into Caryl's gifts!

As you can see I put a scary skeleton inside the opposite side of the Halloween Birthday box, on the other side are the two numbers booklets!

Don't forget to notice the dead baby box filled with all her plastic baby's!

See the booklets opened and all colorful and fun!Here is numbers one through....

Above shows the numbers cover page! It's about how a child dresses to match and then the last page is about the wild red hat wearer!

This is the second half of the numbers, with her Disney cover and a Zetti birthday balloon celebration. I went to Disney in January and got her this perfect Disney charm too!

Had to throw in a close up of one of my outside box collages. This was my favorite image. I put together a Cjix image with a lazor skel key and viola instant creepiness!

A closeup of the Disney page cover!

Hehehe this is one of my page backs that is me as a baby turned into a Zetti cat of sorts. Too bad I forgot to cross the "T" in birthday though!

I used this page for the D, in the alphabet book. I didn't take a picture of it but I added the words Double Dutch on the front! This card is special because although I made other friends possibly before Caryl on line she was and has remianed one of my best friends. She's so sweet and special to me! I took an image from Lisa's altered art and I cut the arms off of each girl then turned themaround and placed them on the opposing girl. This way the hands are facing the right way when turned upwards for jumping the rope! Aren't I witty Demented but witty too! Oh and I cut their ankles and faces their shoes downward so they were seemingly in mid air. Note the underlieing shadows too!

The picture under is from th back of one of Gina's cards, the clown is a Jolees. The cloths actually come off of the clown and reveal it's underwear! Something I wasn't even aware of until I went to adjust the clowny!

ThiS is me when I was five! It's the back of the Disney cover as you can see, young Sanna has A Micky Disney Balloon tied to her writst and a sweet pink and purple gift for Caryl! Sorry I missed your fifth birthday Caryl but I'll try not to miss any in the future!
The best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's the box I made for my friends 50th! She loves Halloween deco.

I started out with an old retro metal box for a doll from the 50'S and covered it with matching paper, not an easy task to go around all the hangers and latches but I did it!
I also patina'd all the brass to make it look old and crusty! After those two steps it was all fun!

The raised letters on the front are her name of coarse and I just repainted them to make them go with the decore! I used Artchix and Lisa's altered art and German scrap and scrolls from Lisa Bush. I also got some cool lasored keys which were simply perfect for this project!

Here you see my kitty Grayson posing because my black cats are just too shy!

I even used some Mickey Mouse Jolees spooky pages for the tomb stones and the bottome haunted house on the inside not to forget the scared Mickey. Caryl is also a huge and I mean huge Disney fan!

You can see more ArtChix and even creepy Halloween faux postage from ArtChix as well!Notice the key right over the creepy girls eyes! I also try to build up patterns from one side to the other notice the clown mimic and the witch who is mimiced through the ArtChix button! I think this make for better congruity in a piece!

I wanted to paint the rims black and buy some of the white Kyrlon webbing but couldn't find it anywhere! So I dry brushed oin the white over the black on the handle and all the rims. I sealed it with kystal clear coat and in the end sealed the entire box the wax parafin for crafts. Since then I have purchase some Dorlins wax from Dick Blick though. Can't wait to use that. Kelly Snelling used it on the card she made for Caryl and the outcome was phenominal. Kelly says she used it to seal all her acrylic stuff, so I bought the wicked big container. Lately I am going through gels and the lot like a true artist!
This number fifty was embossed over a painted heart I did using a Stampin up numbers set I purchased like 2 yrs ago! Love that set!

I have a new method of keeping my collage sheets in order thanks to Cindy McMath, I bough a big file cabinet draw. It's so much easier now to pull out a theme! This car as in the vintage toy section! Then I added the rubon black birds. I painted the squares and the moons and stamped and embossed small stars over both of them for a tighter effect. Plus you can see once again how very much I love the Chix postage!

Here I took a looking down on the open box pixture , each nook and cranny is detailed differently so you wouldn't want to miss a thing!

An open look to the creepy inside where you can view all the ghosts and wicthes. Also on the right side you can see the three German scrape Black Cats! Here there are haunted houses ghosts andcandies galore!

Just a lot of Hallowee fun times!
Be sure to see Mickey all scared down in the corner now!

The dead baby box was partly inspired by my friend Michelle D. she though sending me in a bunch of dead baby's would go along quite well with the Zetti Bbay theme. She was oh so right! So I made the preexisting draw ionto a Halloween creepville show. A box of 13 dead baby's and one anatomically correct little naked girl baby trying to crawl out!
Now I didn't know this but Caryl and her sister have an ongoing joke where they hide these babys all over the place inside of each others homes whenever one goes to visit the other! What a coincidence eh? So now Caryl has 13 new little baby's and one larger one in a cradle to play with as a joke on her sister with! hehehe

As you can see the baby is trying to escape!

Here is the inside of the dead baby box! I painted the edges in Halloween colors and printed out the words to the Wheels on the Bus! Then I placed two opposing indentical babies as the twin creepster drivers with a steering wheel in front of them! Mooohahah!

See all 13 of the dead baby's here!

And the outside of the box with creepy scrap running pumkins some collaged darker pumkins and a nuber 13!

Happy Birthday Caryl, we all love you!

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