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Monday, August 3, 2009

Went camping this past weekend!

My dh blessing his boy!

I took some pictures of numbers of other camp sites, they came out so good wish I did more!!!! There was a neat playground and we were the only ones using it!

Garrett and Andrew say "Ride em Cowboys!"

We all sat around the camp fire at night and in the morning! Here we are having coffee,eggs and bacon!

My brother in law turned 49, so me and the kids sang him awake!

He was so sweet and gave the children hugs even though I'm thinking he wanted to sleep some more. We had some frosted covered brownies and sang again too! Yum, my sister comes prepared!

Danny pushed the wee ones around and around on the tire swing!

nd around

and around

and around

and around

and around


they were dizzy

but wanted more

So Danny let them have more


they got too dizzy

me too!

Danny earned his ride!

They tried to push him too!

Garrett uptop the slide

Side kick follows!

Aren't they both so adorable?

Here's Auntie Marcia! She brought white powdered doughnuts Garretts favs! That's my sisters dog TAYA!

Here's Kathi, making spagetti and meatballs after theri long hike up Mount Moussalaki!

Sweet Harriet, we had fun around the camp fire bonding! I love my niece, she is an artist too!

Me being a swinger!

Dan's handsome face!

Woe my bro doing the daddy thing!

Aneat orb spider I caught on film!

Some wild roses?


moss and fungus, I thought it was a pretty combo.

I think this is fungus of some sort but it also reminds me of fiddle heads!

More of the same close up, God sure makes some weird things!

A neat old burned down barn...

isn't it the coolest?

a closer view, wonder what lives inside?????

It's so beautiful even the growth against the blue blue sky!

I think I might use this in a Christmas collage!

We had a Blast!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you and the family had a great time camping. Haven't done that in decades! The pictures of the flora is fantastic.
You have the artist's eye in everything you do.

Mary Wilkins

ScaryCheri said...

Oh Sanna it looks like you all were having such a blast. We haven't got to go camping this year yet. Thinking it's not going to happen as they are predicting snow for the end of the month? A tad early for predicting so hope they are majorly wrong. That barn is way cool and the flora is gorgeous. And look at you all dizzy(I knew you were.....dizzy I mean, hee hee hee) and skinny. WOW. You look great. Almost got my salsa done, last batch taking it's hot bath as I type. Thinking maybe I will get an early start and head out and be to the trailer before midnight for a change and get going by 7 am tomorrow. Gotta stop and get groceries in Bismarck on my way up. It was great typing to you, lol. Hugz til next weekend. Scary

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