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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is a special collage card I made for my friend

Marta whom I have really grown to love over the years. She was recently diagnosed with colon cancer so please pray for my Marta. Marta is an excellent artist I mean really excellent. She is the queen of all acrylics. She can bring anything to life through painting. I don't think Marta is religous but I thought she should know during this particula trial how much God loves her. I love her too. I actually felt God inspired me to make this collage for Marta. If you know that song about Mary it's very touching. I mean just think about it when Mary gave birth to her Son did she really really know what she was in for. Did she know one day when her heart would burst with love for himn she would have to follow him to the cross and watch Him die for even her?
I used paper fancy paper then a collage bit from Collage stuff, some word program words from that song, Next I added a transparency that had these white paint flicks on it. I added the bird who is apparently asking this question of Mary or(MARTA) as this case may be. Lstly the painted on roses and then I stched on the green rickrack and aroung the edges to make the piece extra sturdy.
The back of the card hold the title which is Did you know GOD LOVES EVEN YOU? So Marta during this time of trial if you should need faith I wanted you to know God loves you dearly so dearly His son died for even you. I love you Marta and you are constantly now in my prayers, Sanna

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