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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I finally painted a little and it felt great

There really is no expression on her face but she is happy because she is painting freely! So I called her bursting to Be Me! I absolutely love how she came out. I have been looking at an art book and was feeling so inspired, had to stop all my duties and due projects and just paint freely!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some new fabric atcs and my heart for Cindy.

So here are 14 of my latest fabric atc's. Made em for my fab group and they were way overdo for some!!!! I love the talent ion that group of friends! It's such a tame site too. Never stress or meaness always gentle and kind like a seewing circle should be! This first one is titled
"Orange Sunshine"
next is"She Sews Madly"

Then "Travel with Love"
"The Wind Doth Blow"

Here's "Little Bird, Little Girl"
and "Laughter in Her Stars"

"Kittens Play"
"Honorable Woman"

"Halloween Drauma"
"Grumps in the Garden"

"Pink Confetti Moon" I ALWAYS LOVE PINK!

"Bearded Bird Man"
"Chain of Skulls"
"Asian Red"

Here are Cindys heart back and fronts. You can't really see all the work that went into them on a scan but it was a lot!

This front part has many Stars on it Like Johnny Dep and Sallie Jessica Parker and that cute guy from LA law I think plus a poodle dog and a nother ugly black dog just to be funny! I gussied em all up with stars and rosie cheeks and netting, gold leaf, crytal glitter bobbles, and all. I am not really a glam girl I don't think so this started out as diufficult but then soon became fun to see just how gaudy I could make it! The words are lamenated and hung with some string I bought from stampin up it's all sparkly. That was the hardest part threading that string through all the holes.

This is the back! I used modelling paste and acrylic black paint and then carved into it with a palet knife to give her a real lit up glam affect! Some tinselled mesh all around her and some nifty glam 60's B&W FLOWERS! The front was way more complicated and the back was more fun! All around I put

words like "The Little Black Dress" , "Glamor", "Trend","Prada". "Star", "Crystal" oh and I hung a real crytal direct;ly from the bottom as well as a nifty black gemed heart and a similar crown!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two additions to the blog today.A note from Pam and my lucky no. 13.

First about Pam's note... I got this really nice letter from Pam M. today. I am posting it not to brag although it did make me feel really warm and fuzzy inside, but the main reason I am posting is to let all you artists out there know...
How much one little piece of art can really make a difference in another persons life. Not just the art alone but the kind gestures that go along with many of the pieces we make. I really love you my on line artists friends. Never under estimate the power of kindness. The essence of love!

Ever since I was young I didn't believe in superstitions so to disprove another one I made Friday the thirteenth my lucky day. To commemorate this number many of us feel somehow connected to I created a creepy card! Enjoy, MOOOOOHAHA!!!

Oh and as usual I am a day late but still creepy just the same.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I made a few more twinchies for the winner on one of my sites.

Here below are Daddy and Garrett playing with lego's. Garrett said to Daddy.. " I am having so much fun and I am not bored at all and the TV isn't even on!"

Over on the upper right there's my wee one being a picture ham!

Here below are Garrett and his best cat Grayson who absolutely loves the boy!
On the other side are the family players of Halloween. Featuring my brother as the Cat in the Hat, his wife Marcia as the spooky Ghost, their son Drew as the transformer bumblebee, and my son as "The Ups guy"! I was too sick to trick or treat this year so they all went with my dad and Ron!

A few atcs!

This set of four twinchies was made special for Cynthia Stenquist.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The winner of my twinchies is BK!

Halloween is fun! I love the children!

I went to random .org and put in 16 numbers and no.4 came up so that is: Brenda!! Congrats Brenda! Just for some further Halloween entertainment here are a few picture of the kids! Mine is the UPS WORKER!

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