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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here are three fabric ATC cards

these are all done by hand mostly. My sewing machine quit while I was working on them so had to completely finish them by hand. My machine went to the shoppe today! Goinna have it nice and clean for the new year! I guess I abuse it some with all my paper and glues. They are much prettier and tactile in hand!!!


PeggyR said...

They are all cool! Love the Noel one...Peggy

Mary S said...

here I am at your blog again Sanna which is always a treat! the 3 atcs are all beautiful... maybe I like the christmas tree one the best, but only by a whisker :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are all so beautiful. The one with Noel on it is my fave.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Mary Wilkins said...

They look like crazy quilts. I am busy with a crazy quilting project. It is the first time I am doing something like that and I love it. You make so much artwork. Ik wish I had the inspiration. I am blocked quite a while now, but I think some day I will open up and create again.

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