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Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Disney vacation!

We had a wonderful and magical vacation at Disney World. It was such a busy and exciting time for all of us, although certain teenagers liked to pretend they are above posing with characters.
The castle was really pretty at night they shine beautiful light onto it and it glows so nicely in the background.

Here is a great closeup of a giant grouper fish we saw at the Coral Reef restaurant. It came right up to the window with it's mate and staired at all of us as if we were the ones in the fish tank!

This was our cheff at the Japanese restaurant in Japan at the Epcott Center! She was very sweet and a lot of fun. This was my favorite meal at Disney.

Chip and Dale are Garretts favorite characters in all of Disney World. We were very glad he got to have pictures takens with them. Garrett got a little autograph book for all the characters to sign. It's a great way for the little ones to learn not to be afraid and to intereract with all the fun Disney Cartoon Characters.

How did we wake up our teens? Well this was Garretts idea to put stickers all over their heads. But Moms idea was to put them over their eyes and take pictures!!! hehehehe

We weren't apossed to feed the duck but Garrett got one French Fry and it was so funny we had to take pictures!

Here's the Seth miester,(enjoying a trip) on the monorail!

JOJO was the best character there I think. She was the first one to win the hearts of my two kids. She chased Garrett under the table and all around the restaurant until he wasn't afraid anymore, it was so much fun! Even Danny was having a great time with her!

Here's Danny in front of Mickey's giant Hat!

All three of my sons with Piglet!

This was the view from ourt hotel room! They gave us an upgrade for free and at night every night at 10pm we got to enjoy a water parade!

Here's my gang in Tomorrow land.

Oh Pooh!

Yes I coached Danny into hugging Goliath, osn't my Danny a cutie pie?

Her I am with Garrett and June from little Einstiens!

So much to tell and so many wonderful memories!

Art I did while on my vacation!

That's me in the ears! I made these atc's for a swap I am hosting on the mother group. It's a Zetti Valentines Day swap my third annual. The cards in so far are really excellent. I will be mailing the swap out on the 1st of February to be sure everyone gets their returns by the 14th.

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