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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last two Valentines!

I made these for my friend Bevs swap. I belong to her group and never have much time to play and since I had some left over from the swap I hosted I only needed to make two more for hers. So I felt justified even though I am sinking in the mire of due art swap stuff. Right now I have to finish up my ATC's for the Pink and Brown swap then I have my two really overdue journal spreads and I'll be finito! That's right all caught up! So sorry Caryl and Betsy! Today I went and treated myself to three rectangular canvases wrapped and ready to paint. I am going to do a triptitch for a local psychiatrist I am fond of as a healer. His walls are really blank and deserving of some coolio art. I'll post those when I get done in how ever many years it takes me! hehehe
I also went to an antique store today where they were having a half off sale for anyone wearing red. So I donned a red shirt and found two great finds. One is a medical encyclopedia and the other is an old fat dictionary with loads of great pictures. The medical book was 2 bucks published in 1944, and the fat dictionary was a steal at 4 dollars for half off. Now I just need time and energy to collage the heck out of them!!!
I am having a sugar crash right now from way too many Valentines sweets but hopefully tomorrow I'll be back into the healthy groove! Happy Valentines Day all!

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