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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ATC's I made for the Brown and Pink swap.

Hi all! I made these cards for the little colour swap Helga Strauss from ArtChix is hosting on one of my smaller groups. We are trading colours on a bimonthly basis, and it's work but it's so much fun. Not only looking for the colours but getting other peoples packages when they roll in. I am late this month just a tad so hope the gals won't mind, vacation and all else has held me up a bit. The ArtChix image I used came from here:
it's from the Mini Mix collage sheet, I simply enlarged it and copied it 19 times for my cards!
I tried to make my own flourishes on transparencies like Helga sells at ArtChix but mine came out more like weirdo funky color forms instead! LOL!!!! So I tried to make the best of them and I even painted then from behind too they took a while drawing and all. I used several different backgrounds just to see how they would look and for a diversified feel. I made 19 of them in total but silly me wrote my series as 1 thru 18, so someone is getting 19 of 19 and the rest of you are getting the 18's of a series, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Leave it to the worlds largest dyslexic. I used brown rick rack and some pink lace, buttons, and fun pen drawings on some. Hope you all enjoy! Hugs, Sanna

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